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  1. psvpingu

    Regional Cup

    Hi, Apologies if this has been answered before or is bleedingly obvious, but i cant seem to find the answer on any forum or from trying myself I'm wanting to create a new cup the 'Warwickshire cup' which will be the same 8 teams every year regardless of their division, however when i try to...
  2. psvpingu

    The Flying Goose

    The Flying Goose. Firstly all the hard work for this formation was done by zyndar with his brilliant Puskas tactic, using his solid player and team instructions as a base. I found that playing LLM (level 8) the team and players struggled with some of the better tactics which have given so...
  3. psvpingu

    Should i stay or should i go....up

    I am in my fourth season with Larkhall Athletic, starting at level 8 and following three consecutive promotions I’m sitting fourth in the Vanarama national premier league. Problem I have is should I try not to get promotion, my thinking behind this is. I’m getting gates of 150 per home game...
  4. psvpingu

    Lower league england

    Hi all,I've used editor to create down to level 8 in England,started playing as larkhall and realised I wasn't in the fa cup or trophy. I've been trying for days now to add fa cup to first qualifying round but to no avail and it's driving me mad. Has anyone got a link or download that will make...
  5. psvpingu

    Man Made Moon

    Hi, I'm bored at work and I’ve already read through lower league players to sign and all 36 pages of the tribute to puskas tactic page so I thought I’d do some shameless self-promoting of my band Man made moon if people are interested, seeming as there is a music section We are currently...
  6. psvpingu

    International Players

    I've often wondered if, when a player gets called up to play for his country, what effect this has on the player, statistically and mentally, or if it doesn't really effect anything?
  7. psvpingu

    Key Personnel

    Hi, Im one of those weird people who actually really likes the default football manager skin,but the one thing i would like is to add 'Hot Prospect' to the key personnel section in the team view,is there a way of adding this?
  8. psvpingu

    promotions and relegations

    Hi,I'm trying to update the ups and downs of English football from this season, and I can get as far as who was relegated from skrill prem and no further... it's driving me mad,anyone know where I can find these (only need down to skrill north and south!)
  9. psvpingu

    Retro sticker style

    I've been playing around with these retro style sticker face packs,haven't tried them in the game yet...here are some (early) examples,let me know what people think?
  10. psvpingu

    Player called up for international duties.

    Does a player being called up for his country (even U21 etc..) effect his stats or make any difference?