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    Are you enjoying Football Manager 2020?

    It seems horribly broken, so I went back to the last version that wasn't too badly flawed, Fm17. Enjoying it much more simply due to wingers putting crosses in.
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    It used to be I set my subscriptions to the various tournaments I wanted to follow, with the European Championship and World Cup have match reports from the early round and onwards appear in my inbox. Now, I get nothing, even though I'm following them with those settings put in place. I'm...
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    IGE Licensed Kits

    I've noticed that you can edit a kit despite it being licensed, but it only lasts until you save or shut down the game. I can make my kits stay in place by selecting them for every game. This is quite good, as I can rotate my designs to have a 3rd kit to use even though my team doesn't have one...
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    Scotland Home Games

    I know today Scotland played Ireland at Celtic Park in real life, but in the game, every qualifier Scotland plays are either at Pittodrie or Easter Road. In the World Cup qualifiers in FM, Scotland's game against Portugal was at Pittodrie, the France game at Easter Road, and even the Latvia game...
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    Training workload

    I've got several players who are unhappy at the training workload they have to sustain. At this point the workload on each of them is medium, and a couple are at light. They get the day off before and after matches, the match training is on the back burner now the tactics are fluid, and no...
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    Stadium banners

    I see the stadium banners with the team name on them. Any word whether we'll be able to edit them to reflect supporter's clubs, etc?
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    Title Odds

    Anyone who's ever bet on anything should see something wrong with the odds shown here to win the Scottish premiership. This is not a new thing, as it's bothered me for year after of the game. I've even shown it to a bookie who flat out laughed and said he'd go bankrupt in a year offering odds...
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    OI Instructions

    I tried playing the same game several times to see whether the OI makes much difference with the same tactic. I let two different coaches (12 & 13 Tactical knowledge respectively) each pick the OI against the team (not the individual) for three of the first six games. The games were all the one...
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    Assymetric FM14 tactic recreated

    This tactic worked well on FM14, and with a couple of tweaks, has done some decent stuff on FM15 too. You'll probably recognise it, but I did tweaks on it and renamed them. So I forget who originally created it, and what the tactic was called. However, it seemed to work well when I tried it...
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    Tallest line up, or other strange things managers try to achieve

    I just finished a game where my starting eleven averaged 6'3." The shortest player was 6"1" and the joint tallest were 6'6." Does anyone else try to do strange things like that?
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    A weird one. The 2015 season in the Scottish Championship sees five teams with odds on chances of winning the division. Aberdeen and Rangers 1-4, St. Johnstone, Hearts, and Partick Thistle all on 4-5. The rest mentioned were Dunfermline and Queen of the South on 7-4. I'm no mathematics expert...
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    Check for Clashes Editor

    I've been mucking around with the editor trying to make the Scottish leagues less of the steaming turds they currently are. One problem I'm having is that I can't get the league games to move aside for Scottish Cup games. The game always moves the cup fixture. I set the check for clashes to all...