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    Voasy's English Lower League Database RELEASED! v1.1

    can not wait for this, im hopeless at editting i got chorley (town where i live) to the championship but then they went bust and had to sell all my decent player,
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    why cant i find editor

    ok so i had beta and couldnt find editor now i have disk and verifyed the files yet still cant find the editor tool please help not in steam tools and cant find in folders anywhere
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    my save - help cant stop conceding

    in my 2nd season with southampton finished 5th in first and doing really well in europa at 1/4 final stage but im struggling in premier league i cant stop conceding and im putting the prem first over europa to make sure my players are 100% fit for it, seems i can defend in europe but not in...
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    editor tool fm14?

    how do i enter into the editor tool for fm14 from steam beta or files as i can not find it thanks
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    english lower leagues FM 14

    looking for a english lower leagues download copatible with fm 14, the one i can find comes up with errors of too many teams in each league any help would be fantastic
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    i can now install game from steam

    i have kept an eye on it all day and it has now popped up the option to install the beta version on the steam page
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    help me activate lower english divisions on editor

    anyone link me to a step by step guide to activate lower divisions in England, only want to go down two more to northern football league . thanks