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Recent content by RichieW

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    Nottingham Forest Championship, 2nd year - Need Help!

    Hi guys, I have taken over as manager of Nottingham Forest. It is halfway through season, past the transfer window so cant make any signings. The problem is I just cant seem to get a win from anywhere! :'( Variety of tactics tried but no joy. I came close, was beating Coventry 3 - 0 at half...
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    A Birmingham story - I'm bringing sexy back.....

    Alex Mcleish accepts vacant Scotland position!!! Birmingham manager Alex Mcleish has accepted the job offer from the Scottish FA to manage the national team. Head of the Scottish FA has reported "We have some fantastic young players in the pool and we thought Alex was the perfect man to...
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    Bromley FC

    Right, this is my first ever story. I’m also an average skilled FM manager so not sure how this is going to work! This is a slightly different angle from a media point of view. I hope you get it! I have made this first thread interactive, so your choices will decide how the story goes. I will...