Jan 17, 2011
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Right, this is my first ever story. I’m also an average skilled FM manager so not sure how this is going to work!

This is a slightly different angle from a media point of view. I hope you get it!

I have made this first thread interactive, so your choices will decide how the story goes. I will wait until I have a few responses then take it from there.


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“Good afternoon and welcome to Radio Bromley 99.9fm, if you are after KissFM you need to up it 1! My name Is Richard Williams and this is the inaugural edition of the brand new BromleyFC live radio show.”

“We have just set up a media partnership with Bromley Football Club following their recent big money take-over. Imagine this as the radio equivalent of a reality TV show. We are going to be following the progress of Bromley and keeping you updated each step of the way”

“So who are they?”

“Well a group of local businessman have clubbed together their finances and taken over Bromley FC. Currently a small semi professional club in Blue Square South league. They have a good local fan base and will now have big ambitions following investment from the new owners.”

“The self proclaimed ‘Bromley Boys’ have parted with the manager and are now holding applications for the post. It has been reported that the applications have been whittled down to 3 candidates: Local businessman Swiss Tony – he owns 5 used car showrooms in the Croydon and Bromley area; ex-professional footballer Jason Lee and a manager of local club Croydon Athletic of the Ryman league, nicknamed MC Get-ME”

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“ I was lucky enough to receive recordings of the interviews and I will now read you some of the key questions and answers”

“First up we had Swiss Tony, he came across as quite a hyper guy and very arrogant…not necessarily bad qualities. Here’s what he replied when asked what relevant experience he has:”

“Well, I haven’t always had 5 thriving used car showrooms. I started off selling bangers from my front drive, buying and selling from the newspaper. I worked my magic and built my way up to my first car lot. The rest as they say is history. I’m now the greatest car salesman in Surrey, maybe even England. I can without fail carry these skills across to football management”

“Next up was Jason Lee, famous for those ‘he’s got a pineapple on his head chants during his time as a premiership player at Nottingham Forest”

“I can bring vast football experience at the highest level to the club. I’ve got good contacts in the game and the hair will bring great press coverage to the club”

“Finally we heard what Croydon Athletic manager MC Get-ME had to say”

“Listen ‘ere Blud, I had skills as a player and man dems got skills as a manager, my boys at Croydon know not to cross me or they will get murked. I will bring Discipline, mad skills and I know the ladies will feel me, Get-ME?!”

“So there we have it, three very different candidates and I’m sure each one has their own management pro’s and con’s. We are currently holding a poll here which will be forwarded to the Bromley Boys Consortium. Your opinions count and will be taken into consideration when the final decision is being made”