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    Next Paolo Maldini

    Well, I don't know again where to post.. So, please Moderator please put in right place... So, I want to ask who can be potentially the next maldini?? And what is maldini position before Played in left back ?? Maybe when he was in primavera??
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    BTB Midfielder

    who is the best example for Box-to-Box Midfielder??
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    who is best poacher who could be placed in the trequartista AMC ?? age 18-22 and money is not problem ?? alexis sanchez is the right player ??? thanks
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    Barca 3-7-0

    i want to recreate barcelona tactic 3-7-0, what formation and role i have to use? :) thanks before.
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    role for my players

    whats the best role for my players, if their duty : 1. Forward who try to find space between the centre-backs. up against opposition Defender. He was essentially being used as a blocker, someone to force back defender and give space to Trequartista 2. "Jordi Alba as something of a left-sided...
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    Partnership : Trequartista and Poacher

    what instructions for Trequartista and Poacher ?? i would be appreciate you give me SS and players for example :)
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    barca tactic

    guys please help me... what role and duties for barca tactic like this??
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    Winger Support

    guys, i'm searching player MR with Winger Support Duty Money is not problem i need a player age between 17-22
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    guys, what the best role and duty for fabregas?? i used him in xavi and iniesta position but doesn't success...
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    Backup For xavi

    can anyone find similar player who can play like xavi in DLPs ?? money is not a problem could schweinsteiger play like xavi ??
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    Replacement for Iniesta

    i need wonderkid for iniesta replacement... money is not problem, role: Advance Playmaker Att. (CMF)
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    Complete Forward Support

    Hello Guys, can anyone recommend me the best CF support ever ?? :D money is not a problem, just give me the best one :)
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    wonderkid BWM

    can anyone help me, im searching a Ball-Winner MF age : Wonderkid Money : No Problemo
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    Best XI

    i have big project with this formation, can anyone help me?? who are the best players who can play in this roles?? Bpd(x) - Bpd(c) - Cd(x) DLP(s) BWM(d) AP(s) IF(a) AP(a) IF(a) T(a) money is not problem with me,
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    DLP Support (DM)

    can anyone suggest player like pirlo his age between 18-28, money is not problem i need the best one. if you have suggest the wonderkid i'll appreciate, too :D