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    Well what do I do now?

    "Sorry Mr Lock, we no longer require your services, you've performed admirably and have really done well in turning the appointments team around but the hospital is cutting out middle managers and stream lining things. You'll have 3 months salary and keep your pension and 4 weeks before you...
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    Andy Townsend The Transition from Commentator to Managerial Legend... Possibly

    Hi, This is my first story on here so bare with me on the formatting side of things. For this story I'll be trying to chart the progress of Andy Townsend as he transitions from the worlds most annoying commentator thanks to his FIFA/ITV career to a manager. I'll be using FMC for speed purposes...
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    Help in Italy

    Been playing a save as Chelsea, won quite a bit and found my challenge and desire to keep the game and the save running flagging. The idea at the end was for me to try and get to the top of the English Nationality Hall of fame. About 7th now with 3x Premierships, 3x League Cups, 3 x Community...