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    You're Only Kicking A Ball - An FM15 Be A Player Story

    Hello and welcome to my Be A Player story! Many people complain at footballers today about how their jobs are easy, they only kick a ball about and make a fortune! Now it's your time to see how easy it really is? Only this time your just clicking a mouse and typing on a keyboard... close enough...
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    Ched Evans - Road To Redemption

    DISCLAIMER I am not supporting, or not supporting Ched in this story. It's simply a Football Manager story using his name and background. I do not condone rape or any violent crimes. My opinions will be kept out and any reference back to his crime will be portrayed as how the media report it...
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    How Hard Can It Be? (Very) - FM15 Rags to Riches Save

    How Hard Can It Be? (Very) - FM15 Rags to Riches Save Prologue (Don't need to read - just a bit of backstory!) 'KNOCK KNOCK'. I knock on the red door in front of me 2 times before my Uni flatmate, Tom, opens the door. 'Chris! Beginning to think you weren't making it! Come on in!' I enter his...
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    Be A Referee - World Cup or Luton U18's

    Welcome to.. Be A Referee - World Cup or Luton U18's With FM2014 becoming a bit boring I wanted to make a Be A Player, but this is with a twist. Instead of a player, you're a young, talented, referee in the UEFA Elite Development Group. UEFA have picked you to lead the...
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    Diplomatic England - An England Story With A Twist

    ENGLAND OUT OF THE WORLD CUP England have crashed out of the World Cup just after 2 games following Costa Rica's shock win against Italy. Two disappointing performances found England out as they lost to both Italy and Uruguay 2-1 before being knocked out today. Now as morale is low and...
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    Creating New Referee's

    If I created a Ref and put him in the UEFA Third Group for example, or no UEFA group. If his games are good enough can he get promoted into UEFA Second Group, then Elite Group etc. ?
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    Peterborough United - Knocked Down But Not Out

    BREAKING NEWS Sky Sports News Team can confirm that League 1 team Peterborough United are now in a legal battle with the FA over the signing of their 30 plus goal scorer Britt Assombalonga and their new venture into administration. The FA claim that the signing of Britt Assombalonga with...
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    Be A Player - The Class of 2014

    BE A PLAYER - THE CLASS OF 2014 There was the Class of 92. Now there's the Class of 2014. A new batch of young, hungry, players, and friends have joined the footballing world. Will they become the new David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs? Or will they turn into Kevin Pilkington, Colin...
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    Be a Legend - The New Generation

    Unfortunately when I tried to create this both my editor and FM just crashed and I can't seem to get it to work anymore. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel this.
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    The Future Of The Beautiful Game

    How will the footballing world turn out in the future? Will German's dominate us? Will Man United get a solid manager? Will San Marino ever win another game? This save will answer all these questions and hopefully many more as I plan to go on with a full on Holiday Save. First update coming...
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    Feeling Posh - Peterborough United Story

    I couldn't think of a team that I would like to play as and continue playing as for a long time, so I just chose Peterborough, In this save I edited the leagues so it's like real life, e.g: Cardiff in the Prem, Wigan in the Championship. Finally I just want to say that this is my first ever long...