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    The importance of possession

    How many times in 10 matches would you expect the team with more than 50% possession to win? And why?
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    Ezequiel Munoz - Palermo

    Name: Ezequiel Munoz Club: Palermo D.O.B: 8/10/90 Nationality: Argentinian Position: Centre-Back (Might be able to do a job at Right-Back) Strengths: Natural Fitness, Marking, Balance, Tackling, Heading Weaknesses: Corner Taking, Free Kicks, Creativity, Off The Ball, Long Shots Description...
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    Ronans First Goal Scorer Competition! - Leaderboard

    I really cba to make an OP so i will just check the results and post a leaderbord ^^). Feel free to discuss. To make predictions go to this thread: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f18/ronans-first-goal-scorer-competition-t47272.html I will post a list of the fixtures on Thursday or Friday...
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    Ronans First Goal Scorer Competition!

    Since Nufc_Tonys version never really got started I have decided to make one myself. I will keep track of the scores and will post a leaderboard on a seperate thread every gameweek. Rules: - You predict the first goalscorer for every premier league match. (Dont predict 0-0) - You will recieve...
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    First Goalscorer Prediction Competition - Week Three

    As Nufc_Tony is banned I have made the thread for week three of his Goalscorer Prediction Competiton thing. ;) Blackburn v Arsenal Blackpool v Fulham Chelsea v Stoke Tottenham v Wigan Wolves v Newcastle Man Utd v West Ham Bolton v Birmingham Liverpool v West Brom Sunderland v Man City Aston...
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    Philadelphia Union 0-1 Manchester United

    PHILADELPHIA UNION – 0 MANCHESTER UNITED – 1 Obertan (76) Attendance: 44,213 Gabriel Obertan secured Manchester United’s second victory on their tour of North America by scoring the only goal of the game to defeat Philadelphia Union at Lincoln Financial Field. The French winger, whose first...
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    Birmingham - AM,RB,LB

    Im in the first season and i have around 18mil to spend on these 3 positions. I need a rotation LB which im willing to spend up to 4-5mil on and a rotation RB again spending up to 4-5mil. cheers ;) ---------- Post added at 01:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:33 PM ---------- EDIT -...
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    Fifa 10 Knockout Tournament (Xbox 360) FULL

    There hasnt been one of these for a while so i thought i would make one. It will be a knockout format with 16players involed. Also you will be randomly assigned a 4.5star team or a 5star team using this http://classtools.net/widgets/fruit_machine/fruit_machine90656.htm/ The rules will be as...
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    Who do you want to win Britains Got Talent?

    Personally i was supporting the talented wood cutter but sadly he was knocked out yesterday :'(. Now i am supporting the arrangement (because they are my sisters friends) but i reckon SpellBound will win. Who do you want to win? who do you think will win? Poll coming soon...
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    Guess The Player!

    There used to be a thread like this but its kinda dead so id thought id make a new one :) Pretty Simple to understand you just post a picture of a player and other people with try and guess it. Ill start you off with an easy one...
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    Xbox Live HELP!

    well i just bought a 12month gold membership. The code works but then it asks me what post code im in and it only has numbers it wont let you type in letters :(
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    Modern Warfare 2 (360 Clan)

    Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone was intresting in joining an fm-base clan on mw2 (xbox 360). Anyone can join good or bad (cant get worse than me :P) so just post here if your intrested :) also tell me what type of game you would want to play like domination, team deathmatch etc. Thanks...
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    F.A Cup High Dive!

    Just game across this game and its pretty addicting. Have any of you played it? http://www.mousebreaker.com/games/facuphighdive Just liked to show you this one aswell (A)(A) http://www.mousebreaker.com/games/facuphighdive/scores/daily/1
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    Worlds Hardest Game

    Just found this game and i was like "i can compleate any game cause i rule" then i starting playing this and i soon felt like a 5 year old. Its soooo addictive, fun and HARD. Any of you lot played it? http://www.addictinggames.com/theworldshardestgame.html ---------- Post added at 01:24 PM...
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    Sir Alex Ferguson and the thrown mince pie...

    it made me chuckle :) http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2779491/Sir-Alex-Ferguson-hit-in-face-by-mince-pie.html