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    Greatest FM12 Comebacks

    Has your team sparked questions in the opposition's dressing rooms after a brilliant comeback to ****** victory from the jaws of defeat and claim all three points? If so, tell us your story. I have none as of yet, I'll update you guys if I do.
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    Good players for Bury

    Hi, I need help getting players for Bury I've got Ravel Morrison Joe Dudgeon Oliver Norwood Will Keane on loan from Manchester United Jeremy Helan Christopher Chantler on loan from Manchester City I've bought Gifton Noel-Williams Marco Ambrosio David Malo all on free transfers I've...
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    Attribute Masking: On or Off?

    When you start a new game do you tick attribute masking on or off? I always turn it on, but trying with it off.
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    Eljero Elia

    What do you guys think of him? I think he's a decent player.
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    What view do you use when watching matches?

    This is seriously very random, but I would like to know which view you use and why
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    What Attributes each position requires

    Hi, I have compiled a list of attributes required for each position. I also compiled a filter file which can be imported into the game for easier searches. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3600 GOALKEEPER -Goalkeeper Ariel Ability Command Of Area Handling Ones On Ones...
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    How to make players not unhappy.

    I hope this thread would help you What you should do if someone gets sent off issue them a warning If they get sent off again fine 1 week wage if they get sent off again fine 2 week wage from then on they shouldn't keep getting sent off IF they are already unhappy and wouldn't talk to you try...
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    Who should I sell?

    My squad list consist of -Name -Age -Market Price I am looking to sell some players as some may complain of lack of games. I am also looking to buy young players (u23)[When my players retire] Thanks
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    Help me!

    Hi, I need help with my tactics as I seem to score 2 goals, then the opponent somehow catches up and wins. I have these players ( Real Madrid) GK Iker Casillas Federico Vilar Gerhard Tremmel SW Ezequiel Garay D RL Alvaro Arbeloa D RC, WB R Sergio Ramos D LC Chema Anton DC Nemaja Vidic Pepe...