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    Been using it for a few week now solely as a SUS tactic in the last certainly does the job
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    FM20 @[email protected]

    Any update on Redbull v2? v1 was immense at home. Cheers Lisa
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    Tactics from around the world

    target man or dlf version chief?
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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    I purely use this exclusively at home and against positions 16-20 away in the league :)
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    The Fiend v11 20.3.0 5/3/20

    Sorry for the late reply pal and how useful this will be after the new patch I don't know? But all I did was follow this guide and make the changes into a 4141 tactic I was using to produce a CTRL tactic and I use TFF's time waste tactic near the end of the game:
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    The Fiend v11 20.3.0 5/3/20

    So here's how my AZ season finished chief: Don't think I've ever conceded so little overall...As for my home record: That draw was with a 4141 I was using for away games and tough home games! Hope the new patch doesn't screw everything up...WELL DONE AGAIN PAV...cheers pal
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    The Fiend v11 20.3.0 5/3/20

    Reet Pav me old cocker...been using V7 exclusively at home and all I can do is say..."Take a bow son!"...Now the following SC is of a cup game where I was favourite but I have never had a result like this on FM20: Cheers pal will keep you upto date with how the season finishes...This...
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    4-1-2-3 Regista v1

    Hey @joinsam1 ... Nice to see you've given Regista its own thread. Like many others I'm playing with version 3. Would it be sensible to put all versions up & describe what each version brings to the table? Cheers for the great tactic 👍
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    Tactics from around the world

    Mate frustration over...I vented alittle over on SI must be getting cranky in my old age!!!
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    Mjölnir; the hammer of the gods [Mythology series]

    Great stuff chief...apart from the obvious change in formation what would you say are the differences between this and the 4222...?Maybe a cheeky home and away combo? just taken over a ***** Ajax side in 22/23...Well done again chief...the usual outstanding dedicated work
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    Mjölnir; the hammer of the gods [Mythology series]

    @Nom de Guerre playing this game for +20yrs. I'm sure your Guido the strikerless master?? If so I've tried a 4222 that you posted on dis-cord using 20.2.3 (******) ME and I have to say it's been the most consistent I've tried...cheers mucker...If not apologies and i'll delete this comment pal.
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    Tactics from around the world

    Snap WE...did you ever settle on a tactic on 20.2.3?
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    playgm Shaolin Angry Chicken

    Quick msg off topic but can u download the public beta for FMT? Ps. I've found the "steel chicken" tactic the best away tactic by far for 20.2.3
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    RDF Tactics

    Hope your playing FMT being a new father man...otherwise you've got a very understanding missus haha... congrats bro...welcome to parenthood
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    PSA: Multiple Accounts (Includes apology from TFF)

    Kudos to yourself & your team Liam. All in all its quite a sad day for this forum & all the fuss TFF's actions have caused. The guy was a/"the" corner stone if this community & he betrayed everyone's trust & honesty. I hope tacticians who were affected (& they may not know) have the confidence...