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Recent content by RyanMarch

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    Cardiff First Season

    Started a few saves and struggling to find my feet, started a save which I want to play for the long run. I'm toying between using WonderTac or Modern Warfare, either way I'm looking for players to sign, all over the pitch ideally, good young players that can make an instant impact. Ideally a...
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    Championship to Premiership

    I've just gained promotion with my Cardiff side and it needs some improvement in most areas to be able to make a challenge for midtable in the premier league. My budget is 10mill. I need a GK, CB, LB, DM, CM, AML, AMR and a poacher and advanced forward STR. Please let me know any cheap...
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    LB for AFC Wimbledon

    In my first year, and it's the only weak link in my team. No money to spend, in early August.
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    Malaga Help

    About to start a new game with Malaga, haven't got a clue who to buy and who to sell. Would like to strengthen in every position and I have a budget of around 9 million and my aim is to get mid-table and have a good cup run.
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    European success

    Just won the league and cup with Ajax but I want to really challenge Europe and try and win the champions league. With about 10million to spend I need some world class players in each position to do this! Any suggestions?
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    Cardiff - ST, CM, RM, LM or anyone really.

    Struggling at the moment. 3rd season, and 2nd in the premierleague, sitting 19th in December, with January coming up I'm going to start to change things bringing in new faces to try and beat the drop. Who can I bring in? And I'm also struggling with tactics, I've tried loads and not many work! I...
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    Cardiff - RB, CB, LB, LM, RM, CM

    As you can see, I'm in desperate need of some players. I've just been promoted to the premier league and I've only brought in Henri Lansbury, Alex Smithies and Kyle Walker. I have 4.34mill to spend to try and keep me up. Any ideas on who to sign?