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    Marseille Back On Top

    My aim of this football manager save is to revive French football. It's slowly been getting better with teams such as NICE and Monaco challenging and winning the Ligue 1. However the former powerhouses in Lyon and Marseille have been struggling. My aim is to make Marseille great again and become...
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    Pre Contract Players

    Who are good players to sign on a pre contract with good potential and young first season?
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    Who Should I Buy?

    Club:Mainz 05 Year:2014 Money willing to spend:2.5-5million Age:16-23 Position:LM + RM
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    Mainz 05 Squad

    Formation help for Mainz 05 and which players are good and some positions which are not so good.
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    Mainz 05 Players?

    Does anyone know which Mainz 05 players would be good to use and which should be sold.In addition which should i buy on a small transfer budget?