Marseille Back On Top


Mar 6, 2015
My aim of this football manager save is to revive French football. It's slowly been getting better with teams such as NICE and Monaco challenging and winning the Ligue 1. However the former powerhouses in Lyon and Marseille have been struggling. My aim is to make Marseille great again and become a European powerhouse I will be uploading onto this every other day.Marseille have lost many players over the past two seasons and I'm hoping to build them
back up to full strength. Watch and follow me as myself and Marseille as we attempt to strive for greatness.

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Here I am, I've taken charge of Marseille a club which i will try and revive and bring back to the days of winning the champions league. It wont be an easy journey looking at the side however im a manager that loves playing the youth and bringing in players who have the potential to become something special.
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Here we have the History of Marseille and how well they have done over the years.This is back where they need to be. The board this season have set me the task of finishing in the top half which I believe to be easily achievable with the squad I've been given.
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Above are the clubs finances which are looking good and im very happy with a transfer budget of just over 13 million and a wage budget of just over 90 thousand a week.This should enable me to bring in some players if need be, I also like to spread out the money when buying players so I will often buy them with payments of over 48 months just to bring the initial cost down.
This Below is my Under 21 team.
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I've picked out a few players in here which im a fan of and brought them into the main squad these are the players, these are the players with 5* potential and the one player with 4.5* potential.Now to the main squad which had some good surprises but mostly very average players.
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Here is the team and i know it does have some great players and the main ones that ive been able to pick out are as follows, Sanson, Payet and Doria. These are the players which i would like to build my team around. We also have some solid player such as Evra and Sarr. However there are still many positions which i could do with improving.
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My style of football is pressing and attacking and trying to win the ball back while scoring as many goals as possible. Therefore I play a fast tempo style while also trying to retain the possession whenever possible. For this style I like to play with a CDM playing as Ball-Winning and I also usually like my two CM to play as Box to Box and my striker to either be a Target Man or a Poacher.However with this team I wasn't able to do this. I will have to build up to this using my youth system and buying young players to grow into these positions.
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This is my team, Im having to play a slightly different formation to what i would have liked to however im not too bothered about this, This formation also means that i will be more attacking however both my CAM and my ST are both only 18 which isn't ideal. I may be trying Gomis as a Target Man throughout pre-season to see how he performs for me. Other than that I would like to sign a Ball-Winning CM or CDM desperately seen as my CM's currently are being used as Deep-Lying play-maker and Advancing Play-maker which I do not want. I will also be looking if the finances allow me to sign a Box to Box CM however this may have to wait. I'm not looking to get rid of many players at all except Rolando and Diaby, mostly because I feel they are old, not needed and they are both on a hefty wage.(Rolando - 32k)(Diaby - 9k) The Diaby wage isn't to bad at all however I cannot see him playing especially with him being injury prone.
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