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    FMC - Loan Restrictions Bug?

    I have just started my first ever save using FM Classic (with Watford). Whenever I try to loan a player, it is cancelled because it says I already have 4 long-term U23 loans (It says Ihave 6 out of 8 players on loan in total). But in actual fact, I only have 1 U23 player on loan, and only 4 in...
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    Heskey or McCulloch

    Just started a save with Leeds United, on the default database. I am wanting a cheap target man/deep-lying forward, someone who will give me a season to find a long-term replacement, and help with tutoring. I have identified these 2 as my main targets. Both would cost around ?100k, on ?4k a week.
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    PS4 Pro Club (FIFA 14)

    Would anyone be interested in creating a Pro club on the PS4? I might forget to check this thread later, so if you are interested quote me :) If you are, full this out below: PSN ID: Position: Overall:
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    PS4 Pro Club (FIFA 14)

    Would anyone be interested in creating a Pro club on the PS4? I might forget to check this thread later, so if you are interested quote me :)
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    Not continuing after winning in extra time

    I have just won a match in extra time, and after getting to the end of extra time, all the players ran onto the pitch and confetti came on and stuff (All the usual after winning a final). But now it won't continue after extra time. It acts as if the match is still playing, and it is waiting for...
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    Players not on pitch

    On previous FMs, you could select an option that meant when you subbed a player off, he would drop to the bottom of team lists (Such as at half time), but I can't find this option anymore. Have they removed it, or am I just being thick?
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    Arsenal, 4th Season

    I have ?40m to spend, along with ?300k a week spare on wages (So obviously I could increase my transfer or wage budget), and have just accepted a ?20m bid for Yacob. Not sure what positions need strengthening. I have plenty of good regens in the youth, so I want to start introducing them into...
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    HELP! Regen Hair

    Would someone be kind enough to upload their 'hair' folder (Found in: Programme Files>Steam>SteamApps>Football Manager 2014>Data>Facegen)? As I have gone and deleted mine, so all regens are now bald on my game :/
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    Lukaku or Negredo?

    I am currently coming towards the end of the 2015/16 season (So 3rd season), but I have a bit of a dilemma. A less detailed summary is at the bottom (In case you can't be bothered reading all this!) Negredo has been on fire for Man City, scoring 15 goals and getting 2 assists in the league in...
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    Attribute Decreasing?

    Is there a bug in this latest version that makes almost everyone's attributes decrease? Almost all of my players' attribute are dropping, regardless of their game time, age, training schedule, intensity, etc. etc. I have no idea what to do, but it is making my game pretty unplayable as all my...
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    How to Improve my Arsenal? (3rd Season)

    This is my current first team squad: I am about to sell Timo Horn for ?10m, and Gaitan for ?5m. After these sales, I'll have ?72m, and ?250k a week available. The biggest problem I am facing is that if I was to register all my players apart from Horn or Gaitan, I would have registered 24 out...
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    Has anyone else bought Rever, and how good has he been for you? I bought him in Jan of the first season for Arsenal, as I needed a backup because Per and Kosc were injured at the time. He only cost me ?750k, as his contract was running out at the end of the season. He was pretty good for the...
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    Improving a Players Ability to Play Under Pressure

    I am aware that there is a hidden stat to do with handling pressure, but does anyone know how to improve it? Eder Balanta is usually fantastic in my current Arsenal save (In the 2nd season), but if we have our backs to the walls then he often becomes very nervous. My assistant has told me...
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    Best Coaches

    Who are the best coaches you have found? Let's try to create a list of the best coaches for each category! (A coach can be in more than one category) Fitness: Winsper Paixao Tony Colbert Richard Hawkins Tony Strudwick Neri Schneider Bisciotti Campeiz GK: Gerry Payton Nuciari Rodriguez Nista...