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    Level 10 leagues

    Does anyone know whether there is a level 10 england leagues download knocking about? Or could you use the 1 from last year?
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    Logo Pack

    Might sound like a bit of a noob, but I've had a look around and can't seem to find logo packs for the leagues below Blue Square N/S as im on the leagues down to level 8 database. If anyone could direct me to whether there is a logo pack for this i'd be much appreciative :)
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    Problems retaining lead

    This a situation bugging me on my barrow game, for some reason i dominate the game up until i score and once that happens my team panic! i cant retain the lead and i cant keep posession aswell, does anyone know anyway around this?
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    Forget Clough and Taylor, Its Ellis and McBriar - A Prestwich Heys story.

    Tuesday Night 28th Febuary 1999 Walshaw v Prestwich Heys “McBriar goes in for a late sliding tackle and Ellis is on the ground and he’s not getting up!” 2 hours Later The news has just been announced that Ellis’ leg has been broken in two places and it is unlikely he will ever play...
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    Custom Club logo needed

    Dont really know where to put this... I need a custom club logo for a team called Prestwich Heys they play in Red and White and id really like something creative if anyone could help me out? thanks in advance
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    Kits on game

    hi ive recently had kits made for my ramsbottom united team and when put in the kits into my graphics>kits folder and ive unticked the skin cache box and all that but my kits arn't showing up, and in case anyones wondering i have searched on the board for help but not found any as of yet so can...
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    Difficulty with level 10

    does anyone else have difficulty with tier 10 on the 10.3 patch? im AFC Liverpool and i jsut struggle to score goals, its still fun but slightly annoying at times because of the inconsistency (i also dont use reunion players) just wondering if anyone else has the same problem?
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    designing new kit

    could someone please direct to me anyone or anything that could help me make a kit for my radcliffe borough team? :)
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    Radcliffe Borough - The start of something different than Bernard Manning

    this for me is a 1st time story so please any advice and constructive criticism will be much appreciated, although please go easy on me :). From the name you can tell i will be playing as Radcliffe Borough although i have already played half the season before deciding to make a story so i shall...
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    leagues to tier 10 error

    my games full of errors :P its now saying when i try to use the english leagues to tier 10 database that it wont work because of the team limit and theres to many teams in a league i think. any help?
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    loading problem

    when i try to load up my football manager from the desktop there is always an error that comes up saying "XML parsing error, not well formed (invalid token) at line of default.xml" and i cant get the pop up down either. can ayone shed any light on the situation?
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    Finding a logo pack

    can anyone give me a link to finding a logo pack to all the english teams down to level 10 please ? :) thank in advance
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    how do you install steam?

    i have football manager 10 and im at the moment using it normally but i want to use steam , do you have to install it or something i have the activation code but i dont know what to do with it , can anyone help me out ?
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    Post your best free transfer

    post your best free transfer that you have seen maybe released in the summer or you have captured in the transfer window personally i saw deco and louis saha released by their clubs but im dover athletic so obviously i had no chance
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    Send me a link please

    I can't find the link for the version 5 update can someone please send it to me?