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Recent content by Sempra

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    FMRTE Help

    Please can somebody send me a link for FMRTE which works with the 11.0 I cant patch it because I haven't got alot of room in my computer
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    Fred Sears

    This is my first player post. This player has turnet out to be a goalscoring machine for me. I will post some screenshots later. I bought him for Leicester and he has been doing really great so far. Name: Fred Sears Club: West Ham/West Ham Reserves D.O.B: 127/11/1989 Nationality: English...
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    Hello! I've been a member here for about two weeks? But I'm going to introduce myself now :D And btw I'm not good at introducing which you will notice. I'm Bulgarian/Greek but I live in Sweden. I've always loved manager games and I actually started out with fifa manager 08 (Sorry) but I have...
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    Regen same name like me?!

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    Problem with training

    How can I change his training schedule. Because I cant choose dans training, only General and Gk training. It's like this for almost all my players on the team. EDIT: Sorry for the screen pic, I have two screens and it took a picture from both.
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    Best players in the game.

    I dont want someone who will get better later and stuff like that. I want to know which players has the highest attributes for his possision and so on. No matter how old he is. :D Thanks
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    Help, made a big mistake?

    I edited the money Bury had and added some players to Bury, and when I saved, I overwrote the config file that was there. This was the first time I have ever edited and when I open the game everything is as it used to be. What am I doing wrong?