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Recent content by Simao12

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    Isaac Acuña

    I've searched a bit to check if it was a repost , but couldnt find any ss of this guy , but check him out. I started tranning U.S.A and i came across with this guy, take a look. If anyone has ever bought him please tell me , how he does in low-mid teams , really curious. Thanks in advance
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    Besiktas CB-LB

    Sup everyone , I need a good central and left back for besiktas , Have about 3.5million to spend , 1st season
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    Clash Of Titans ( Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi)

    As you all know , well some of you do , next wednesday its going to be Portugal vs Argentina , Well im Portuguese , so Portugal FTW , but whats your predictions about this match ? Portugal lineup should be ---------Eduardo------- Joao Pereira - Bruno...
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    What would you change in my team

    So here is my lineup , tell me your opinions of what would you change in it (A) Edit* i play with Ricardo Carvalho instead of Albiol , but he was injured :|
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    Middlesbrough - GK

    Hi there , I just finished my first season with Middlesbrough , i got promoted to premier league and i need a keeper . Carini is quiet good , but idk if he can handle it , and Jason Steele not good nuff to be 1st team , so , any suggestions ? Btw , also need a right back ,
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    Gael Kakuta

    Hello everyone , Currently im in my 1st season with Middlesbrough , and i've loaned Gael Kakuta , and so far he's doing pretty good , 17 games , 4 goals , 8 assists , The thing is , idk if it is worth it to buy him next season , so if anyone could show me some screenies of him in like 2013 -...
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    Celtic - Need help

    Hello everyone I started a game with celtic and i really need a target man , Have 4M to spend , and i'd like to know your opinions Thanks