Jan 23, 2011
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Hello everyone ,

Currently im in my 1st season with Middlesbrough , and i've loaned Gael Kakuta , and so far he's doing pretty good , 17 games , 4 goals , 8 assists ,

The thing is , idk if it is worth it to buy him next season , so if anyone could show me some screenies of him in like 2013 - 2014 i'd appreciate that :D

(sry for my english , quiet bad)
I am Chelsea manager and sold him but only becasue we fell out with each other. If i didnt i would have kept him without a dout. Here he is in 2014
He seems pretty good , eheheh ,

He's doing quiet well for me , so really thinking on buy him
Yeah is he is class in my Chelsea save 6 seasons in.
Advanced Playmaker or Inside Forward seem to be his best positions
I've got him on loan for Arsenal (1st season) and he plays great all across the AM line, a great-player - he's Nasri/Walcott's deputy due to him being able to play pretty much anywhere and he's always played pretty well.
Here he is at the end of season 3. Great player
he got a big future ahead of him. good he went to fulham now