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Recent content by southy354

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    Great Goals Thread

    Following on from the funny video thread here is a thread for great goals. Here's my favourite mainly because Its a city player but it's also a great goal. YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.
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    Too Much time?

    http://www.montyfootball.com/ University take on joga bonito
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    What is the best formation to use? Who are the must buys? ( I got 2.6 million to spend) I'm not really struggling but I would like to get into the play-offs. I have Kisliy who is my top scorer. I've been using the 4-1-3-2 formation but it's ended up being useless against sides in the championship.
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    Music in Background

    What is the music in the background of each thread about? How can I stop it from playing because it gets on my nerves when i'm listening to a song.
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    Work Permits

    I've had players I've tried to sign rejected work permits. What are they based on? because the two I tried to sign were from Brazil and Mexico.
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    Save game cannot load

    I've got this game where I've done well on 2nd in the league and in Ldv's vans cup final. I've done it before but can't remember how can anyone help?
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    I'm Bristol City and in the first season anyone got any reccomendations who to buy? I have £1 million to spend and need a striker, right back, left winger and right winger.
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    Hi i'm new been playing football manager for ages and found this forum by accident.:P There seems to be some good helpers on here and I do need help most of the time.