Save game cannot load


Feb 20, 2006
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I've got this game where I've done well on 2nd in the league and in Ldv's vans cup final. I've done it before but can't remember how can anyone help?
what do you mean it wont load?

is the save game file corrputed?

did you exit/restart while it was saving?

what does it say?
It says save game cannot load. I didn't exit or restart while I was saving. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it hasn't worked.
I've had that problems a few times. Once with United when I was in the 2010 season :(

Apparantly it can happen if you dont quit the game before you shut down the computer. Like say if you've saved the game and cant be bothered to press quit on it and wait for it to go off your screen, instead you just press the computer off button with the game still running, this is what happens.

I done that alot, and have since stopped doing it and mine has been working perfectly. Touch wood.