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Recent content by speek

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    Your Current Team/Lineup

    I haven't seen this thread in while...show off your current team and role and what you've achieved! Ill start off, currently in 2nd season with Spurs...finished 2nd last season and won FA cup. Battling for top 4 finish this season and drawn with PSG in champions league 1st knock-out round: Gk...
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    General Training/ Match Preperation

    Hi guys currently starting second season with spurs, i have my assistant to run the general team training. i played my first 3 games and with most of my players finishing with around 65% condition. I found the training pie chart shows 0% was balanced training, 60% tactics, 34% attacking, 7% ball...
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    Alper Ademoglu Vs Youri Tielemans Belgian Beasts!

    I have both Alper Ademoglu and Youri Tielemans in my Roma save, i have heard alot of hype about Youri but not much about Apler, but in my save hes is just as good, if not better than Youri. They're both same age and both Belgian. I have a couple screenshots.. Has anyone else managed to get...
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    Your current team lineup

    Haven't seen this thread this year, post your current team and year. Interesting to see what formation and players you have. Im with Roma just finished 2nd season, won the league and cup, here's my team: 433 (inside forwards) ------------------------ Lloris Vrsajliko(sp) -- Howedes -- Balanta...
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    Seydou Doumbia

    In my first season with Spurs , i wanted a striker, either: Cavani - £27M, £100k pw wages OR Doumbia - £17M, £50k pw wages. I went for Doumbia, and he impressed!... Finished first season with 35 goals from 45 apps. And won player's young player of the year!! I would recommend to anyone!
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    Your Custom Shouts

    The new all new custom shouts are here, so share your Custom shouts, what tweaks did u made for the shouts, and how did u get on? I made a 'Keep Ball' shout: - Retain possession - Pass to feet - Play out of defence - Play wider works a treat when already winning and just want to keep the ball :P
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    Edin Dzeko

    Very highly rated player in fm10 and in real life... is he still the same in fm11?... anyone signed him?...if so how much for?...how many goals?.. please share :D Name: Edin Dzeko Club: Wolfsburg D.O.B: 17/03/1986 Nationality: Bosnian Position: Striker Agent: Oliver Seufert Strengths...
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    Furthest in game year

    How far have u gone in Fm10... my furthest was 2017 with Tottenham. Any with just pure regens in their game
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    Danny Wilson is he worth it?

    I know that everyone seems to love this guy... i bought him in 10.3 patch, he seems to buy a good player, but not quality?... and his stats dont seems to improve that much either...what do u guys say?
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    Mesut Ozil

    Ozil as we know a quality player, many teams are after him... So were do u think he'll end up?
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    Mesut Ozil

    Ozil as we know a quality player, many teams are after him... So were do u think he'll end up? I think at Man Utd...as Chelsea are apparently signing Ramires.
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    Wonderkids in 10.3

    Is it me or wonderkids in 10.3 have toned down a bit?....Ex Otemendi ..he's just not that great in the new patch...has any1 got screenshots of wonderkids who turn into star players in the new 10.3 patch plz...
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    Yohann Gourcuff

    Ive bought Gourcuff for my Tottenham team. Debut match he scored 2 goals agaisnt man utd. Now he's not really performing. i know he's a quality player..but cant seem to get the best out of him?....advise needed. btw...he plays in centre attaking mid for me at the moment.
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    vedran Corluka

    I am Tottenham a the moment in 2nd season... Man Utd offered 15m for Corluka who is my current first team right-back. Should i sell him?...when i can get Srna for 14m?..but Corluka is 24 whereas Srna is 28. There isnt many right backs around, or John Heitinga for about 14m he's 27. what shall...
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    i think the players on spurs r under rated. like defoe, jenas, lennon. buh never the less i finished my first season and came 2nd in premiership, and only came second because of goal difference, chelsea came 1st with us both on 81 pts!...and i lost in FA cup final vs liverpool. what a...