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    Can't save the game

    When i try to save a game an error appears: Logged to channel: warnings-and-error. What is the reason?
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    4-1-1-3-1 some advices

    Hello, i need some advices on my tactic. I am with United and sometimes i struggle. I managed to win 4 of 6 matches, the rest of 2 i lost against Everton (4-2) and Tottenham (2-1). I changed a lot of things and this is the final version of this tactic. Last 3 games i managed to beat Leicester...
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    The Hope Dies Last.

    ​1.Introduction​ It's Firday, 15th June. A ordinary day like any other, at least so it seems. The sound of the alarm wakes me up. It's 8 o'clock and i don't have any disposition to go to work. I hope they'll fire me and so i hated that job. Who am I ? That's a good question. I'm James Parker...
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    Tactic Help

    Hi I'm new on this forum and i want to know what am i doing wrong on my tactic. I use 4-4-2 : GK- Manninger ( Buffon is injured) DL- De Ceglie / Fabio Grosso DC- Bonucci DC- Barzagli DR- Lichtensteiner DM- Pirlo MC- Vidal AML- Elija AMR- Krasic ST- Del Piero ST- Matri I have a poor pre-seson...