Nov 12, 2011
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It's Firday, 15th June. A ordinary day like any other, at least so it seems. The sound of the alarm wakes me up. It's 8 o'clock and i don't have any disposition to go to work. I hope they'll fire me and so i hated that job.
Who am I ? That's a good question. I'm James Parker ,an semi-professional footballer. When i was 16 i played as a youth at Leeds, then i moved in Nottingham. Many coaches admired my skills, but in the end i failed to reach the big leauge due an injury. It was so frustrating, i felt that everything collapses. Even the president of the club felt sorry for me, he said he would do everything for me.. that was bullshit. He didn't gave me any money, not even an euro. An useless promise.
Now, I am 26 and nothing changed. I got the certificate of football manager three months ago. It's in a perfect condition, but it had not any use so far. I am an insurance broker and like I said before, I hate my job. I have only a dream: to become a football manager.
My phone is ringing, is my boss. Probably he observed that i'm not at work. Should i answer? Hm.. A difficult question.

" Hello?"
"Mr. Parker?"
"I'm afraid he is not at home. He is at hospital"
"And who are you, excuse me?"
"I'm a friend of James, he let me in charge of taking care of his home."
"Oh.. So that's why he didn't go to work. It is bad?"
"Not really, just a broken hand. He feels good. Don't worry"
"That's good. I hope he will get well soon."
"Yeah. Me too"
"Ok, then. Goodbye, Mr."

I just lied my boss, but i got rid of going to work.
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I feel horrible like i did something wrong. I need some fresh air. I dress up quickly and i exit the house. Is a bad weather, a cold wind blows and a lot of black clouds are on the sky.

"It's gonna rain soon.."

I put my hood on my head and then i start to walk. I didn't know where to go. The rain started, but i didn't care. I started to think about my past, about my family, about my future..

I grown in Leeds, but i moved in Nottingham due football. Maybe it was a stupid decision, but here i am. My family lives still in Leeds. I have a brother, younger than me, he has 19 years. He is studying at Oxford. Smart guy, maybe he will go far. I hope so. And I.. I am here, alone, always pensive, nervous, sad. Sometimes i feel that i don't have any purpose in this life. Am i going to be a real football manager?
That's my dream. I need to fulfil it.
My phone interrupts my thinking. Is it my boss? He figured out? It can't be.. I looked at my phone and i didn't recognized the number. I answered.

"Hello. Mr. Parker, is that you?"
"Who is asking?"
"Uhm.. I am Fawaz Al-Hasawi, the president of Nottingham Forrest. Did you think that i forgot my promise?"
"(I didn't know what to say) Well.. not really."
"Look, i need a kind of favour. Last week, our manager resigned and i heard that you took the certificate. "I know that is a little bit too hard for you, but also i know that you can't decline this."
( I was shocked and i couldn't say anything)
"Meet me tomorrow at 10 o'clock in front of the stadium. We will discuss the contract, your goals and budget. I hope that you will be on time. See you tomorrow, Coach."
"Y-y-y-eah.. See you tommorow, Mr. Al-Hasawi."

He hang up and i couldn't belive it. I was thinking.. what if it was just a joke? Or just my imagination? No time for that. I started to jump and to scream in the middle of the street. The rain drops were falling on my face, but who cares? I'm the new coach of the Nottingham Forrest. My dream became reality! From this day, people will recognize me. My boss will look at me and will be amazed. My family will be proud of me! This changes everything.

The Journey Begins!
2. New Beginning

The rain stopped, but my thoughts didn't. Questions like:
"What will be like?", "I'm going to reach the Premier League?" , " What transfers should i do?" were running in my mind.
I decided to go home.


It's 11 PM, I can't sleep. My thoughts are grinding. It will be tough to manage such a team. I mean.. the fans want results, they want to see their team promoted, they want to see Europa League, Champions League. And i don't have any past experience in coaching. Just this certificate... but I obtained the best result in academy! I must handle it. My eyes were closing and i have finally asleep.
The sun starts to shine. It's 9 past half and i was ready. I put on me an elegant shirt i wanted to be dressed properly. I did my haircut, then i left the home.
The stadium is not too far from here, so i mustn't take my car. I arrived at the meeting place, i felt nervous, excited, to be honest. A black large limo was parked before i was here.

"Hey, James!"
I looked in the direction of the shout. It was mister Al-Hasawi.
"Good morning, Mr. Al-Hasawi."
"You can call me Fawaz or just Faw. So, let's go in my office."

I followed him until we entered in his office.

"Please, sit down. Do you want a coffe? A tea?"
"Could you bring me some coffe, please? With more sugar and milk?"
"Sure. Alfred! Alfred!"

A tiny,old guy appeared. He must be Alfred.

"Yes, sir."
"Bring one coffe with 3 packs of sugar and milk and one forrest fruit tee, please."
"Sure, sir. Something else?"
"No, thank you."

"So, James. How's your life?"
"Not so interesting.. until now."
"Well, you probably ask yourself why did i picked you, aren't you?"
"Pretty obvious."
"I know that you are diligent, motivated. You have great thoughts. And of course you don't have high demands, do you?"

Alfred entered in the room with the coffe and with the tea. He put the caffe on the desk in front of me. After that he left.

"Here is my proposal. Here is the contract with all the details."

I took the contract and i looked over it. 400.000 euro/year.400.000 euros/year? Holy ****! I hit the jackpot! 6 millions for transfer and another 4 for wages. The goals were not too high: A mid position in league, reach the fourth Round of FA Cup, reach the third Round of Capital One Cup. I can do it, i said in my mind.

"Where do I sign?"
"At the bottom."

I signed, then he announced me that next days i must be part of a press day conference.

"Now, you can meet the players, the staff. You can do what you want. But take care! You are the boss,now."

I shaked his hand, then i left. After that, I recived a message. It was from my new assisant manager, he said: "Tommorow at 11:30 is the reunion of the squad. Be at the training stadium at 11:00."
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3.Meeting Day

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Is Sunday, 17th June. I'm preparing to go to the stadium. I'm going to meet the players and the staff. I'm pretty confident and I'm sure that all of them will want to cooperate.

I arrived at the stadium at 11 o'clok like the assistant said. He was waiting in front of the stadium, smoking a cigarette. When i got out of the car, he droped the cigarette and went directly to me.

"Good day, Mr. Parker!"
"Oh, yeah it is." (It was a shiny day)
"I am David Kelly, by the way. I'm your asistant manager."
"Is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kelly."
"Call me David, for Christ Shake.(He starts to laugh) Come on, follow me to the training pitch."

I followed David to the training pitch. There, about 13 people were waiting.

"Who are these guys?" I whispered to David.
"Well, these guys are your staff."

He introduced me to everyone. After that, i started a conversation with my asisstent.

"So, James.. What's your story?"During this time, he pulled out a cigarette.
"Well, I was born in Leeds and due the football i moved here, in Nottingham."
"You were a football player, weren't you?"
"Somehow.. But i didn't reach the big league."
"You live on your own?"
"Yeah, my family is still in Leeds."
"Don't you feel lonly? Or do you have a wife or a girlfriend?"
"No...I don't."
"After you'll reach the Premier League, you will see that all the girls will want to be around you. (he starts to laugh)

The players began to emerge. After 10 minutes, all of them have arrived.


"These are all?"
"Yes, of course many can leave if you want."
"I want a report for each player."

"Hello to everyone. My name is James Parker and i'm your new coach. I hope we will have good results together. My goal this season is to have an average position in the rankings, but we all want to promote. So next year we'll see in the Premier League. How about that? Sounds nice, doesn't it?
Today is a day off, but starting tomorrow, we'll work harder than you ever imagined. We have four friendlies scheduled yet: first game against Mansfield, the second against Stoke, third against Carlisle and last against Sevilla. I do not want to win every game , but I want to demonstrate that you will want to stay. Also who does not follow the rules of the club, has an alternative: Transfer List.Understand?"

Players have approved, then left. I talk to David,then I was informed that tomorrow will be a press conference.
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4. Press Conference
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It's the big day! Today, I will be introduced officaly as the new manager of Nottingham Forest. Nevertheless, I am not nervous, in fact i am very calm and very proud of my-self.


Finally i arrived at the press conference. Accompanied by my assisten manager, David Kelly and the president of Nottigham Forest, Fawaz Al-Hasawi, I sat on the middle. A lot of reporters were standing in my front, prepared with plenty of questions.

Reporter:" Mr. Parker welcome to Nottingham Forest. How is it to be their new manager?"
J. Parker:"Is a honor to coach such a team in the first year as a coach. I would like to thanks to Mr. Al-Hasawi for giving me this oportunity."
Reporter:"What are your expectations?"
J. Parker:"About what?"
Reporter:"About the team, the players, the promotion."
J. Parker:"Well, we all want to promote, but is a tough challenge. We are going to face strong teams like Blackburn, Bolton, Leeds, Crystal Palace, Wolves. For now, I'm going to prepare for the friendlies."
"Have you thought about transfers?"
J. Parker:"Somehow or other. I can't make any comment because i didn't saw my players playing."
Reporter:" Fans are skeptical about your experience. What is your opinion about that?"
J. Parker:"I understand their concern, but the results should speak."
Al-Hasawi: "I think is enough for now. He must concentrate on his team. So I propose that Mr. Parker can leave the conference."

Daniel Ayala - He is on loan from Norwich, but he is our best central defender. The young spanish proved that he is one of our best players in the pre-season.
Henri Landsbury- Altough he got injuried, the 21 years old english has 4* potential. He can play on every place in midfield.
Simon *** - Our best striker and I'm sure that he is best player of my team. The irish player has past experience from Premier League , playing two season for WBA.



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Anthony Forde -
He costed me 4.5m , but i think he worth it. He can play as a right winger and as a left winger too. Also he has 4.5* potential and he is just 18 years old. I hope the irish youngster will be a monster.

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Marcus Maddison - He was brought as a free agent. 4* potential, but i loaned him to Fleetwood.

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Nottingham Forest 6-1 Nottingham Forest Res.
Collins, Halford, Blackstock x2, ***,McGugan - Nkusu Landu

Mansfield 0-2 Nottingham Forest
***, McGugan

Stoke City 0-0 Nottingham Forest

Carlisle 1-3 Nottingham Forest
Miller - Collins, Guediora, Cohen

Nottingham Forest 1-3 Sevilla
Blackstock - Negredo x3

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Next match is in Captial Cup against Fleetwood. I think that would be easy.

6. Start of the Season!

Here I am, in front of my debut against Fleetwood in Capital Cup One. David said that it will be a easy match, but you can never know.
My first XI is: K. Darlow - G. Jara, D. Ayala, G. Halford, D.Collins(c) - G. Moussi - A. Forde, A. Guedioura, L. McGugan, C. Cohen - S. ***

The whistle sounds. It is the start of the match.
Min 3: Guedioura strikes, but the ball hits the bar. After that the ball goes in the back of the keeper and then it enteres in the net. Own-Goal for Nottingham Forest.
"Goal! Did you see that David?"
"Calm down, buddy. It is just the begining. Enjoy the rest of the match."
Min 30 & 32: Cohen and Guedioura makes a comfortable win for us, scoring for 3-0.
I started to celebrate like a little child. I knew that is a simple match, but for me it was one of the most important matches. My debut as a Coach.
Min 34 & 36: Fleetwood managed to score 2 goals, reducing the difference to one goal.
I fel embarresed, what if they score another
Min 44: Simon *** calms me scoring and closing the scoreboard.

Final score: Nottingham 4-2 Fleetwood

Burnley 2-0 Nottingham Forest
Man of the Match: J. Shackell
C. Austin, F. Sebo
After my first victory, my first defeat came. We have played well, but reluctant.

Nottingham Forest 2-0 Blackpool
Man of the Match: Greg Halford
D. Ayala, G.Halford
A good win, granting us 3 points.

Charlton 1-5 Nottingham Forest
Man of the Match: Billy Sharp
Y. Kermorgant - S.***, B. Sharp x 3 , D. Blackstock
A massive victory against Charlton. Sharp was the man of the match scoring 3 goals

Brighton 4-0 Nottingham Forest(Capital Cup One)
Man of the Match: A. Orlandi
C. Mackail-Smith x2, A. Orlandi, S. Hutchinson(o.g)
We have been eliminated from Capital Cup One. It isn't so bad. We want to promote. This is my goal. I feel sorry for the fans.

Nottingham Forest 2-0 Hull City
Man of the Match: G. Jara
G. Jara, S. ***
A soild victory, but the center of the attraction was Jara's goal. A hit from at least 66 meters. I think it was the most beautiful goal i have ever seen live.

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We are curently on the third place with 9 points after 4 matches.
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F. Piccolo -
He comes from Romanian Champions, CFR Cluj. A good defender. He has past experience in Serie A too. I brought him for rotation.
A. Bovo - I spent 1.6m for this italian midfielder. He comes from Serie B, Spezia and i hope he can be a good player in XI.

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7. We can do it! (September)
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Nott. Forest 2-2 Bolton
Man of the Match:
K. Andrews(Bolton)
S.***, Z. Knight(o.g) - K.Davie, K.Andrews

Sheff. Wed 0-2 Nott. Forest
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
B.Sharp, G.Moussi

Millwall 3-3 Nott. Forest
Man of the Match:
A. Bovo
J. Marquis, A. Keogh, N. Abdou - B. Sharp, A.Bovo, C.Cohen

Nott. Forest 2-1 Ispwich
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
B. Sharp x2 - J. Emmanuel-Thomas

We are currently unbeatable. I feel disapointed about the match with Millwall, we lead with 2-0 and 3-2 and we couldn't won that match.

Best Player: Billy Sharp
Top Goalscorer: Billy Sharp(4)

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Thanks, I do my best. I hope you like it so far and sorry for the bad english, i'm not from UK/America :)) . By the way, the next episode will be : "Return to Leeds" . I will post it tomorrow. Thanks to those who follow my story.
8. Return to Leeds. Nottingham is unstoppable.
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Nottm. Forest 3-0 Leicester
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
S.***, C.Cohen, B.Sharp

Leeds United - Nottm. Forest

It's Thursday, 4th October. We have just won against Leicester. I'm happy, but i need to focus on the next match, against: Leeds. It's an away match, so i will visit my family.
"Hey, David."
"Oh, James. The man that i was looking for. Tell me."
"You know, our next match will be against Leeds."
"**** sure. It will be 2-0 or 3-0 for us. They don't have any chance."
"Yeah, probably, but i must go in Leeds, today."
"Today!? But the match is in 2 days... Oh.. I forgot. You want to visit your family, don't you?"
"Yeah, that's it. Here is the tactic for the match. I know that you can handle it. I trust in you."
"Don't worry. Have a good trip, pal."
"Thanks. See you in Leeds."

I arrived in Leeds at about 6 PM. I haven't told to anyone from the family about this visit. It will be a big surprise.
Finnaly, I was in front of my parent's house. I rang the bell and my father opened the door. He was staring at me like he was looking at a phantom. He started to smile, then he gave me a hug.

"Oh my.. James. Is that you?"
"In the flesh and blood."
" Come in."

I entered in my old house and i felt like i was here for the first time in my life.

"Where is mum?"
"She is not at home, right now. She will be back in 20 minutes, i guess."
"Ok, then."

I started a conversation with my dad, about his life, about mine.. and he asked me about football.
"How's the things at the team, coach?"
"We are doing well.. 1st place."
"I know, the day-after tomorrow we will smash you."
My dad was a big fan of Leeds. He insisted to play in the Leeds colour when i was young, but i chose Nottingham in the end.
"No way. Nobody can beats us. Billy Sharp is a beast!"

My mum arrived at home accompanied by my brother and it was a family reunion.


The Match
Leeds 0-3 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
A. Bovo
B. Sharp(p), F. Piccolo, A.Bovo

Nottm. Forest 2-1 Huddersfield
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala
D. Ayala, B.Sharp - J.Beckford

Cardiff 0-1 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
G. Jara
A. Guedioura(sent off), A.Forde

Nottm. Forest 2-2 Peterborough
Man of the Match:
D. Gayle(Peter.)
A.Forde, F.Piccolo - T. Rowe, J.Newell

Bristol City 0-0 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
J. Wilson(B. City)
B. Sharp(miss. pen.)

Nottm. Forest 4-1 Watford
Man of the Match:
S. ***
A.Bovo, S. *** x3

We are on the 1st place, having just one defeat. I have won the October boss award. My first individual.

Best player: A. Bovo
Top goalscorer: S.***(4)

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* I haven't saved the games with Watford and Bristol City.. So i modificated the matches with the new scores. It was the same thing, a draw and a victory.​
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9. Who's gonna stop us?
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Barnsley 2-3 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
C. O'Grady(Barnsley)
C. O'Grady(59), J. Scotland(89) - A. Bovo(16), B.Sharp(41), H. Lansbury(63)
A.Bovo(sent off;86)

Nottm. Forest 0-1 Blackburn
Man of the Match:
S. Dann(Blackburn)
J. Rhodes(84)

Crystal Palace 0-1 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
C. Cohen
B. Sharp(4)

Nottm. Forest 2-1 Derby
A. Reid
B. Sharp(22), S. ***(57) - J. Ward(28)

Nottm. Forest 3-3 Middlesbrough
D. Blackstock
D. Blackstock(2, 5, 7) - M. Emnes(36), E. Ledesma(69), R. Smallwood(84)

Such a pitty.. Three goals in less than 10 minutes..

Birmingham 1-3 Nottm. Forest
S. ***
C. Davies(71) - B. Sharp(pen 9), S. ***(27), D. Collins(81)

Wolves 0-2 Nottm. Forest
G. Halford
S. ***(43), C. Cohen (47)

Best Player: S. ***
Top goalscorer: B. Sharp(4)

We are on the first place with 50 points, 9 points ahead of 2nd place, Middlesborough. I think that the promotion is not so far.
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10. Sharp as a knife. (December)
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Nottm. Forest 1-1 Brighton
Man of the Match:
G. Halford
D. Blackstock(51) - A. Orlandi(71)

Nottm. Forest 3-0 Burnley
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
B. Sharp(23,52,77)

Blackpool 1-2 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
I. Evatt
I. Evatt(29) - D. Harding(43), I. Evatt(og 79)

Nottm. Forest 4-0 Charlton
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
B. Sharp(47, 53, 57), D. Ayala(71) - D. Haynes sent off(18)

Hull City 0-0 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
G. Jara

Nottm. Forest 2-0 Sheff. Wed.
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
B. Sharp(56, pen 65)

Nottm. Forest 3-1 Millwall
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
B. Sharp(55, 72, 90+1) - D. N'Guessan(44)

Top Goalscorer: B. Sharp(11)
Best player: B. Sharp

We have 67 points and we are with 15 points ahead of 2nd place, Wolves.

View attachment 356156View attachment 356157

I am 90% sure that we are promoted. But the football was not the main problem of mine.. I have troubles in my life. I'm happy, but because of football.
The only thing in my life is football. I breath football, i eat football, i f*ck football, everything is about football... and i don't have time for me. I realised that I am 25 years old, I have few friends and not even a girlfriend. What am i going to do?​
11. Happ.. or not, New Year. (January)
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Nottm. Forest 1-0 Southampton(FA Cup)
Man of the Match: J. Fonte(South.)

S. ***(73)
A. Reid inj 11, G. Jara inj 44, H. Lansburry inj 77

Bolton 3-1 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
J. Spearing(Bolton)
J. Spearing(39), C. Davies(62, pen 90) - B. Sharp(2), C. Cohen(sent off 89)

Ipswich 0-0 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala

Nottm. Forest 1-2 Leeds
Man of the Match:
L. Varney
D. Blackstock(35) - R. Austin(3), L. Varney(70)

Leicester 1-1 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
A. Bovo

C. Wood(84) - D. Collins(73)

Reading 2-1 Nottm. Fores(FA Cup)
Man of the Match:
A. Pearce

N. Shorey(35), N. Hunt(48) - D. Harding(26)

Best Player: D. Ayala
Top Goalscorer: -

That's incredible.. 4 league games and no victory. I was frustrated. We are still on 1st place, but the results are very poor.

12. Back in the frontline!
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Huddersfield 2-3 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
B. Sharp
L. Novak(17), J. Hunt(30) - B. Sharp(3, 37) , D. Ayala(90)

Nottm. Forest 0-0 Cardiff
Man of the Match:
B. Turner(Cardiff)

Peterborough 0-2 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
S. ***
S. ***(27), B. Sharp(67)

Watford 0-2 Nottm Forest
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala
D. Ayala(16, 19)

Nottm. Forest 0-0 Bristol City
Man of the Match:
L. Fontaine(Bristol)

Nottm. Forest 3-2 Barnsley
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala
D. Ayala(47, 81), B. Sharp(87) - C. O'Grady(1, 56)

Derby 1-1 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala
J. Carew(29) - S. ***(89)

Blackburn 1-2 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
G. Hanley(Blackburn)
DJ Campbell(2) - D. Blackstock(85), S. ***(89)

Top Goalscorer: D. Ayala(5)
Best player: D. Ayala(defender)

We are almost promoted, we need just 3 points to guarantee the winning of the npower Championship.

"The fans belives that James Parker is a miracle for Nottingham Football. He managed to reach the first place in npower Championship in his first year. It will be tough for him in Premier League, but now the young mana.."

I turned the TV off. Is midnight and I can't sleep. Yestarday i was with my friend, Alex at a restaurant. There, I met a girl. A beauty one.. Trust me. I haven't seen such a girl in my entier life. Her eyes, her voice.. Sublime. Her name is Anna. I talked with her, but i'm not sure about her opinion about me. I talked with Alex after that and the conversation went like this:

Alex: "So how is it going with Anna?"

Me: "Huh? I was just talking with her, for Christ Shake!"
Alex: "Calm down, lover. I saw you, you were absorbed. She is a nice girl, anyway. "
Me: "Yeah, she is.."
Alex: " I caught you! You like her, don't you?"

I didn't know how to react.

Me: " **** off, no, i'm not. She is just a nice girl, like you said."
Alex: "So? Why don't you like her?"

That was a tricky question.

Me: "Well, i am preoccupied with football and.."
Alex: "Stop bluffing me. That's not a reason. That's an excuse. James i know you for a long time and i also know that you fell in love with Anna."
Me: Pfsf.. Me!? To fall in love!? That's a good one. Don't be fool, Alex. Is just a girl like any girl that i met before. I don't see anythingh special in her."
Alex: " Oh yeah? So that's why you spent your whole night beside she."
Me: "You know what? Give me a break, tomorrow i have a training sesion."
Alex: "Sure you do. Call me when you marry to football."

Yeah, i liked Anna, but i don't know what to do. Should i call her? But is too late.. Maybe tomorrow? Should I wait 2 or 3 days?
13. Premier League we are coming!
Nottingham Forest is back in PL after 15 years.

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Nottm. Forest 0-0 Crystal Palace
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala
S. ***(sent off 68)

The promotion is not secured, yet. We need just a victory to secure it.

Nottm. Forest 5-2 Birmingham
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala
B. Sharp(8,37) , D. Blackstock(28), D. Ayala(52, 89) - M. King(59), N. Redmond(76)

We won the npower Championship! I did it! The players did it!

Middlesborough 0-2 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
D. Ayala
S. ***(8), B. Sharp(73)

Nottm. Forest 1-0 Wolves
Man of the Match:
J. Lascelles
J. Lascelles(75)

Brighton 1-4 Nottm. Forest
Man of the Match:
S. ***
C. Mackail-Smith(86) - B. Sharp(pen 16, 89), S. ***(54, 65)

Top goalscorer: B. Sharp(5)
Best player: D. Ayala


Season Review & Awards

We finished on 1st place with 100 points! 29 victories, 13 draws and just 4 defeats.
Top goalscorer of League:
B. Sharp - 34 goals(Nottm. Forest)
Top assistman: C. Cohen - 14 assists(Nottm. Forest)
Top 3 Avarage Rating: D. Ayala - 7.78 , B. Sharp - 7.63(both Nottm. Forest), R. Johnson - 7.55(Wolves)
npower Championship Player of the Year: Billy Sharp (Nottm. Forest)
npower Championship Goal of the Year: Gonzalo Jara(Nottm. Forest)
Head Coach of the Year: James Parker

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The season is finished and next year we are playing in Premier League. The first transfer is the full buy of D. Ayala. He would cost me around 5 mil, but is worth it. Ayala is sure one of the best player of our team.
Sadly, B. Sharp will leave at the end of the season. We can't affrod him and i think he is not that good for PL. So, we are looking for another striker!

I told you about Anna. Well, i dated her couple times and.. yeah, she's my girlfirend.

14. The new Season arrives


We've made a lot of changes in the team. Many players left and some good aquisitions arrived. I think the team is more powerful than last season.In:

Gaetano D'Agostino
M(C), DM, AM(C) - 31 y. old Italian. He was a free transfer, but one of the best transfer of this summer. He played about 15 seasons in Serie A at teams like Fiorentina, Udinese, Pescara , Palermo and AS Roma. He is 4*.
Djamel Mesbah D(L), WB(L), M(L) - 28 y. old Algerian . He has experience in Serie A, playing for Parma, Milan and Lecce. He spent 4 years in Italia and now he came to help us. I spent 725k eur. for him.
Rasmus Falk AM(C), ST - 21 y. old Danish. He came to replace the missing of Billy Sharp. He has 4* and i hope he will adapt soon. The sum of the transfer was 2.8 euros, not so expensive.
Goncalo Paciencia ST - 19 y. old Portugese. He was brought by Youth Coach. He is a decent player, he can be used in rotation. I don't see a bright future for him in my first team.
Olof Mellberg D(C) - 36 y. old Swedish. A valuable and experienced player. He is not young, clearly, but he has great achivements. He was a free transfer and he played for Villareal, Juventus, Aston Villa, Olympiakos. A great player and a great capture.

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Darius Henderson - Watford (300k) , L. McGugan , D. Evtimov, P. Gregory, J. Andrews, B. Osborn, D. Papworth, J. Blake, M. Ferrier, N. Guedioura, E. Sebastiano (FREE) , D. McGoldrick - Ipswich(Free) , A. Reid - Crystal Palace(675k) , R. Majewski - Sheff Utd(350k) , I. Miller - Blackpool (1 mil) , F. Piccolo - Sassuolo(1 mil) , K. Al-Rashidi (Free) , G. Moussi - USBCO (95k)

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We had just 3 matches. Against Leeds, Conventry and Cardiff. Many people said that is a poor preseason, but in my opinion is enough.

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