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    SRB I'VE DONE IT 4-3-3

    Added to the description there is no specific training, just let me assman take care of it.
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    SRB I'VE DONE IT 4-3-3 21.2.2.

    Finally I stopped being reliant on other people's tactics, and I've found a new level of enjoyment of FM by making my own tactics with success. This tactic is working wonders for me. I know there are a few odd losses there but in whole this tactic has been successful for me. I let my assman do...
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    SRB I'VE DONE IT 4-3-3

    SRB19 uploaded SRB I'VE DONE IT 4-3-3 Leave feedback below.
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    SRB 2-3-2-3 21.2.2.

    I decided to upload my first tactic as until now I've been too dependent on other people's tactics. As the results show I'm getting quite good results, and after my thrashing over Liverpool (6-2) who were pre-match on top the table I felt the need to upload it. OI's are my assman's job. I...
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    SRB 2-3-2-3

    SRB19 uploaded SRB 2-3-2-3 Leave feedback below.
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    NewGAN Facepack

    I have one question. Can I only use one face generator pack at a time? I generated staff faces but then my player's faces disappeared.
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    Total Football - 4-2-3-1

    Works very well, helped me with my Arsenal Tula team after the team lost it's consistency.
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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    This still works today, great tactic
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    I'm gonna give this a try
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    Mjölnir; the hammer of the gods [Mythology series]

    As I'm Icelandic I feel the need to try this one out
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    Can't accept job offer

    NVM I found it. It's located in Home-My Contract-Contract Offer. You're welcome if someone else encounters this nonsense.
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    Can't accept job offer

    Gladbach offered me the job as their manager but I never get the option to accept the offer. I asked to take over at the end of the season if that matters, but it shouldn't. I had saved on this date so when I load the game I still get offered the job with no option to accept.