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Recent content by steorswe

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    Bug has caused me to lose dressing room

    I took the Southampton job after they were relegated from the premiership. Multiple players asked to leave but I promised we would be promoted so they agreed to stay as long as we achieve promotion. I'm now only in the middle of September, and all the players I promised promotion to are claiming...
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    Role of non players on editor?

    While playing around with the database editor, I created a non player wondering whether they will have any effect on the game at all. I created bill gates and made him a Liverpool fan, giving him top stats for resources and business. I also made Thomas Werner's board confidence low so that he...
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    Can you annoy the board with too many requests?

    Basically on my file I found myself making a lot of board requests and was just wondering whether or not this can cause a negative relationship with the chairman? Does anybody know whether or not this is the case?
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    What Size Pitch should I use for a 3-2-2-1-2 tactic.

    I have just created a tactic in which I have 3 centre backs (1 of which being a ball playing defender), 2 attacking wing backs, 2 centre midfielders (1 being a defensive ball winner and other a supporting central midfielder), 1 attacking midfielder and 2 strikers (advanced forward and target...