What Size Pitch should I use for a 3-2-2-1-2 tactic.


Jul 31, 2009
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I have just created a tactic in which I have 3 centre backs (1 of which being a ball playing defender), 2 attacking wing backs, 2 centre midfielders (1 being a defensive ball winner and other a supporting central midfielder), 1 attacking midfielder and 2 strikers (advanced forward and target man). I was wondering what size pitch should I use for this tactic? Should I opt for a large pitch to create space for the wing backs to attack and also create more room for my 3 midfielders in the middle at the expense of allowing opposition wingers to have more freedom on the wings, especially with my wing backs being attacking which may cause them to be caught out time and time again. Or should I go for a standard pitch on which my 3 central midfielders can win the battle in the middle and my 2 wing backs will still have some space to attack in without being caught out so much by opposition wingers. Sorry about how poorly worded this may be and any advice would be much appreciated :).
I use the same size pitch all the time as I don't believe it effects the tactics too much.

If you're not sure, just "use current dimensions".
Yeah im considering just using standard, but from past experience I've noticed pitch size can make a big difference as every team I manage who play with width struggle on smaller pitches and often put in poor performances but perform brilliantly on larger pitches.
It's not the size of the pitch, its the motion of the players.

But yeah, I think you should go for the standard.
Yeah I know its motion of players which is why my players always performed better on a larger pitch because they have more space to manouever in, but thanks for the advice :)