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Recent content by stevee10001

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    Evo stik premier league advice

    Hi guys i downloaded uncle rons level 7 and 8 league's and have managed to get chester out of the evo stick north quite comfortably with a couple of useful signings that look like they will be important going forward. Would like to know if anyone has tryed doing something like this and would...
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    Why is my DM av rating so low?

    In my 2nd season as tottenham and have 3 defensive midfielders that get played regularly (sandro,nampalys mendy and huddlestone played usually in that order). They are played in a central midield role as a ball winning mid on defence which gives me the support in midfields i like for the...
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    More coach's the better

    Is it better to have as many coaches as possible on a specific training schedule (ball control etc) or just 1 or 2 very high spec ones on each?
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    Complete Forward schedule

    Hi guys Im looking for a complete forward training schedule as i have signed babacar and i want to mold him into a complete forward. Also does playing him as a complete forward help his stats in the necessary areas increase more than they would if i say played him as an attacking forward...
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    Graphics cards

    Im trying to find a laptop that is going to run fm11 with alot of leagues and full 3d matches but im having trouble finding a decent comparison guide for graphics cards to find out if the laptops that i am looking at have a lower or higher spec graphics card that the one's stated on the back of...
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    Biased team of the week!

    I think the guy that chooses the team of the week supportes a certain london club! Glad that defeo managed to bully his way in though!
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    tiago alves screenshot

    Hi guys bought this guy after hearing he turrned out as a world class striker his stats are all around the 12 to 15 mark just would like to see how he turns out when he is 22 thanks
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    Centre back pairings?

    Hi i was just wondering whether it matters in FM to have a regular centre back pairing playing so as to build up a relationship etc. At the moment im with tottenham and have king, gallas, dawson and phil jones and i tend to juggle them about abit apart from king who i like to keep playing most...