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    £15M in need of 4 players

    2nd season with Sunderland on patch 13.3 signed a number of players first season but looking to improve, I play 3-5-2 and my team is: Mignolet strandberg o'shea Williams larsson n'diaye j,svensson dockal Johnson graham benzia i need a replacement for o'shea definantly, preferably a limited...
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    Rainford Kalaba

    Anyone else had success with this AM. paid £2M for Sunderland and he is awesome!
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    sunderland 2nd season 25 mil!!!

    i finished 7th with sunderland and have made most of my summer signings just need 2 more. a keeper and a right back, i have tried for corchia but no luck and all the others on realistic targets are pretty pants, any ideas?
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    sunderland january transfer?? striker?? 8 mil??

    i am currently 9th in the table and not far from europe but i keep drawing games 0-0 and struggling to score goals. i am lookin for a good poacher and willing to spend my full 8 mil budget. any suggestions will be great :)
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    Leicester City 11.3 patch 16million

    poacher and playmaker needed????? start 2nd season in prem. any advice will be appreciated
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    patch 11.3 Signings for Leicester 6M budget

    I have just started a leicester city game and need help on signings need: CB LM RM ST Any help will be great thanks