Steven Herkes

Aug 1, 2009
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2nd season with Sunderland on patch 13.3
signed a number of players first season but looking to improve, I play 3-5-2 and my team is:
strandberg o'shea Williams
larsson n'diaye j,svensson dockal Johnson
graham benzia
i need a replacement for o'shea definantly, preferably a limited defender Role centre back,
a LM that plays well as a defensive winger
also need another centre back to cover Williams and strandberg because at the minute I have granqvist and he is unhappy so must go,
any ideas on other places to improve would be grateful, please don't mention graham as he bagged 26 league goals and the reason fletcher didn't get a look in :)
thanks in advance
okore for cb?
Jose Enrique is brilliant for me as a defensive winger might be cheap too.
hi mate thanks for reply, i am at start of 3rd season now, picked up some amazing signings and qualified for europa league finishing 5th ;) been giving 25 mil and after selling a few managed £35M in kitty, i signed niang as he had requested a transfer, paid £15.25 which i am hoping will turn out to be a good buy with 5* potential, also signed:
M Diame 4.5M from PSG transfer listed
R Turnbull 1.1M as backup to Mignolet
J Bruma 8M from chelsea
A Carroll on Loan
K Trippier 5M from Burnley
All in all my team is solid now i have sold alot of players fom the team above but had also aigned a few the season previous such as W Hughes and J Tomkins and a regen to solve my LM issue
fingers crossed we boss europe :)
I've brought will Hughes too!
admittedly I paid over price for him, 10.5mill but still a great buy!