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    Overflow - 4-1-5 chance creating machine (202 chances, 100+ goals with Arsenal)

    Good to see you improved your tactic ! :) I'm now gonna test it and will give you some results. Have a nice day
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    Overflow - 4-1-5 chance creating machine (202 chances, 100+ goals with Arsenal)

    i'm sure this tactic could be enhanced by offensive set pieces. 4 goals from your Center Backs is poor :) Some set pieces make 10 or 12 goals by each center back from a season year ! :) And if you create a lot of chances, you should have a lot of corners. So you have to use them better ...
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    Editing Champion's League Fees

    Hy everyone, I find something quite unfair between Champion's League and Euro Cup ... When you play the firsts stage of Champion's League qualifyers, you won't earn anything ... But when you play Euro Cup firsts stages qualifyers, you will earn something ... So, my club win the national league...
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    Problème FM 20 sur Mac

    Salut, Premièrement c'est un forum en Anglais donc normalement tu dois parler ici en anglais sinon ton post risque d'être supprimé. Personnellement, j'ai un vieux Macbook 2010 et le jeu fonctionne dessus mais il ventile aussi pas mal. Tu dois peut-être regarder du côté de la résolution de ton...
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    Same team, same save than upper. Not the same results :ROFLMAO::love::love::love: Won everything but the Community shield
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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    HaHa Nabby is posting the same results on every posts ! xD Saw on 3 other tactics threads :
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    Alavanja Annunaki v33 / 4-3-2-1 Champions with many clubs in first season without transfers

    Here is my test : 1 season, all in holliday. It seems to be a Very good tactic ! Best goal Defense and Attack of the league ! Won Champion's and FA Cup + PL And a 44 matches unbeaten way, between 2 november 2030 and 31 june 2031 ! :) Good job mate ! :)
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    FM20: Funny and Random Thread

    Saw that in my save : 13 goals in 4 international matches lol ! 2 official games against Lichtenstein (9 and 4 goals for him) !!! HAHAH very funny because so unrealistic :ROFLMAO::LOL:
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    !!! FM20.4(4-2-1-2)@[email protected]

    Ok ... It isn't in the tactic testing results ? Gonna look for
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    End of the season - All in hollydays. I'm disapointed ! Nothing won :(! Very big defeats against Man Utd in Cup and Champion's League ... But my players are Top scorers and assistmens of the Premier League (Striker, and both Wingmens) I will not continue with your tactic... it is too variable...
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    I've won PL last season with RedBull from LINA, so i tried yours this season ! This time, I'm predicted to finish 3rd by the medias ... Going on holliday all 1/2 season. Some very Good results, Champion's league no conceeded goals with Barcelona in my group ... waw ! But also some big loss ...
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    Latest patch is 20.4.1 and not 20.4 ;) That's why i asked it
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    WW2 (4-1-2-2-1) 2020 - The Comeback [Deleted]

    Could test it. Is it created for 20.4.1 version of FM ? Thanks