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    Why are Away games so dreaded

    Ive played 17 games this season and I sit top. But my Away form is **** draws and losses have made this so horrible for me its a real headache. I just need to know if anyone has any tips on how to pick it up?
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    Long Term Save Network Game (Read OP)

    Network Game starts tonight for one night only on a Saturday Hi guys Ive been thinking what have I not done on Fm this year and then it suddenly hit me. Ive not done a Network Game. Obviously network games are to get all the Fm Community involved wether your the Noob of the Game or a World...
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    A Journey Man Challenge

    Hi everyone after me spending hours tying to get into my Everton save its failed and im now at a brick wall. So I thought me being me would think of a little challenge. Thats where the Fm base users come in. So ive just started as an unemployed manager and my past experience is Sunday League...
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    Pes 2011 Master League Online Thread

    Hi ive had Pes now for like 8 months and not go into the Online Master League. I dont know who to buy what tactic to use. Ive entered loads of competitions. I just want to know how others have done and where you rank in the world and who you have brought in.
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    The Story of Talent

    Chapter 1.1 I was Sat There with a Cold Beer in my two bedroom flat in Spain. I was looking out onto the beach. There was a couple of Black lads playing football on the warm sandy beach. I watched them for 20 minutes and I had seen that this young lad who seemed to be playing in midfielder...
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    Why Wont my Skin Work

    My Skins won't work I have downloaded two and I have followed instructions but they won't work.
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    Huddersfield 2nd Season

    I have a 3.9 million budget and I am in the Championship could someone help me with some players.
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    FM-Base Youth Academy (Premium Members Only)

    I am going to create a Db about 10 premium members including myself and I am going to watch over their careers. They will have a PA of 10 and a CA of 110. Name: Team: Ethnicity: Hair colour: Skin tone - Date of birth: City of birth: Nationality 2nd Nationality: Declared for 1st nation...
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    Editing Without Steam

    If I have installed the game by the disc can I get onto the Editor.
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    The Football Manger 2011 Confirmed Transfer Thread

    Hi im guessing everyones wondering whats this about. Basically its about whos signed for who on your fm game. I thought it would be a bit of fun to do this. I will post up a few when I manage to get on Fm.
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    Hi I have downloaded the new patch for Fm 11. Does it come straight onto the game after I unzip it.
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    Selling Players

    Hi I realy stuggle to sell players from my team. Is there an easier way to sell players.
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    The What A Result Thread

    Hi Recently I have been playing Fm alot. I just thought this would save the Mods some time by having to close threads that say Look at this or What a result. Post your results in here and we will mark you out of 10. I have one for you.
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    Newcastle 1st Season

    Hi most of you will have proberly seen that I have created a Newcastle story. I just need some help on transfers. I have a 2.8 million budget.
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    Birmingham City 2nd Season

    Hi im Birmingham city in my second season. I just wanted some people to suggest some decent players for the Prem. I finished fifth in my first season and I am looking to improve this season. I have 20 million to spend. I am just looking for some suggestions cheers.