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Long Term Save Network Game (Read OP)


Hi There
Jan 10, 2010
Network Game starts tonight for one night only on a Saturday

Hi guys Ive been thinking what have I not done on Fm this year and then it suddenly hit me. Ive not done a Network Game. Obviously network games are to get all the Fm Community involved wether your the Noob of the Game or a World Class Fm player. So within this Network game there is going to be twists. Keep it interesting. Everyone is banned from buying players in the first transfer window. You can use downloadable tactics or your own. Genie scout is aloud. No FMRTE. The leagues loaded are:

Spain-Liga BBVA
England-League two
French-Ligue 1
Italy-Seria A

If anyone has any suggestions on better leagues how to make this game more interesting dont be scared to post.

Times we shall play:

Monday 7-10 pm
Tuesday 7-10pm
Thursday 7-10pm
Sunday 7-10pm

If anyone has problems with the time Pm me and we can come to some arrangment.

If we buy players from one another you should settle the fee over Hamchi so we can keep the game going.

I will be playing as Ajax. You can leave your club when ever you want. Just remember though the past experience is set at Sunday League Football so your chances of the Barcelona job or Madrid are slim.

5 members Max