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    Co-Management Idea

    I was involved in that ill-fated save but I really enjoyed it lads. Would be up for it again!
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    Athletic Bilbao - Life After Aduriz

    First time in about 2 years I have logged in and the first thing i see is a classic Klippybo story! didnt expect any of the old names to still be about! Will be following mate!
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    New Laptop

    Hi guys, Just looking for a bit of advise, buying a new laptop and ideally it has to be suitable for a few years worth of FM playing! I have a budget of around £750, does any one have any suggestions on models or what specs would be best? I appreciate any help you guys can give me. Cheers, Scott
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    Steam Update - Game not working

    Not sure if you guys can help me but when i try to load the FM16 game, I get a popup saying that the game needs to be updated, the update is not very big only 22.6 MB but for some reason, it will just not process. I have attached a picture, anyone help? Have tried resetting Steam and my laptop...
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    Netflix Issues

    Looking for some help from all you lovely people on here........... Basically my Netflix App on my laptop was working fine, now it isn't. Apparently according to Netflix this is due to some sort of update my laptop has done to Windows 8 or 8.1? The issue seems to be related to either the sound...
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    Liechtenstein Question......

    Doing a sort of Liechtenstein Challenge, with Vaduz in the Swiss League. I have won the league twice and the Europa League but still not getting into Champions League. Is there anyway that Vaduz can qualify for the Champions League?? Cheers, Scott
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    I tried to search for a guide to the MLS but it through up 20 pages of threads. I was wondering if anyone has a link or knows where i can find a Guide on how to play FM in USA. Cheers
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    Hey guys, Does anyone know where i can get an extended Norway League system? I always do a save with FK Mjolner but they are not in the playable leagues on this years game. Is there anyway i can play as them? Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Scott
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    Hey guys, Recently i seem to be missing notifications when i get quoted. I used to get them whenever someone quoted me on a thread but now i dont get them. I had a look on the settings in my profile but couldnt see anything. Is there a problem with the Quote Notifications or is it just me...
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    First anniversary on Saturday and as you would expect it is a big deal........aparantly. So, just looking for some info on the lovely city of Newcastle. My hotel is booked but i want to take the Mrs somewhere nice for dinner on the Saturday. I am sure there must be some Geordies on here and any...
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    Hopefully there may be a DJ god among us? I am looking to try and do a little bix of song mixing/mash-ups/beat matching and stuff and just looking for some pointers? This is purely as a hobby, always fancied having a go at it. I downloaded some DJ Software but just looking for some help. And...
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    Stockholm, Sweden

    Hi guys, Looking for a bit of a chat/info about Stockholm. Either from locals or tourists. Just basic travel/tourist info, things to do/see, eating/drinking, the usual. An extra topic though is money. I know the Scandinavian countries are notorious for being "expensive" but just looking for a...
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    Vlad Chiriches

    Seen a bit of transfer goss today regarding this guy, never heard of him or seen him in the game. Anyone know anything a bout him? Any sceenshots? Just wonder if he is any good, possibly worth a look.
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    Story of the Month / Season

    Just had an idea, hopefully a well received one....... Was thinking of possibly monthly or 6 monthly maybe even at the end of the Season having a Story of the Month idea. Now the Mod's would be able to help here, they would have access to the views details and replies. Basically we could list...
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    Happy Birthday

    I was just checking my emails and read this little Gem. "Hello T1LL13, We at Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats would like to wish you a happy birthday today!" Its nice to know, that even if my "real" mates forget, the guys at FM-Base won't forget my Birthday ;)