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  1. tazz1966


    Awesome tactic buddy, tried it & i'm doing awesome with it :)
  2. tazz1966

    Westeros Game of Thrones Custom Database

    sounds awesome, where can i download this? many thanx
  3. tazz1966

    "My Rabbit" JUST TRY IT ! [ 4-4-1-1]

    thanx buddy, i'll give it a try FM16 is still my favourite one
  4. tazz1966

    Transfer Update for Season 2019-2020 FM 2016

    thanx for the update, you've done a great job
  5. tazz1966

    Local player database.

    love the sound of this where can i download this?
  6. tazz1966

    Announcement: Mr L Tactics and FM Base Merger

    that's awesome to hear
  7. tazz1966

    Transfer Update for Season 2019-2020 FM 2016

    i like the sound of that, 16 is the one i play most hopefully someone will do it
  8. tazz1966

    FM20 Emulating Sir Alex

    best of luck buddy
  9. tazz1966

    England Tactic

    Has anyone got a tactic similar to the one Gareth Southgate is using for England in this year's World Cup I would be grateful if anyone can do this for me Thanx
  10. tazz1966

    Englishman in Argentina

    I've just took the Club Villa Dalmine job in Argentina's Second Division & i was wondering if anyone had managed in Argentina before...What was it like for you? How well did you do?
  11. tazz1966

    Legends Database

    Just wondering if anyone was going to make a legends database for FM15. i had it in previous ones and loved it