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    Striker needed

    Need a DLF for Villa. Budget is around 5-7 million, maybe a little more with installments. Need someone who is already a proven scorer who can deliver straight away, preferably someone at their peak.
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    WBL & DM Needed for Aston Villa

    Need someone to rotate with Amavi, Budget is 1 mil. Can push it a little with monthly payments though. Also need a strong DM, similar budget.
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    Help with Arsenal!

    Trying a new tactic so I need to shake things up a little. Within a 60 mil budget I need: Back up DL - preferably young with good potential. DM ML (Right footed)- or an AML that can be trained fairly easy to ML and an ST (DLF).
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    European players needed, tight budget.

    So, I've just finished my first season with Fiorentina and I'm in need of a few players as the ones currently in my squad dont seem to be up to scratch. Budget - £20 Million Needed. DL DR DM AR
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    Fiorentina 1st season

    Need to bring in some more players as I'm lacking in a few areas. My starting budget is £23 Million. I need: GK AML Inside Forward AMR Winger MC/DM Deep Lying Playmaker/Anchor Man
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    Villa 2nd season. HELP!

    Ok, so I finished 4th with Villa in my first season. I'm in need of some players to add to my squad now though and Arsenal have just offered me 46 million for Grealish, who has been in top form. Do I keep Grealish, or cash in and bring in the players needed to strengthen my side for champions...
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    Loan options without the big monthly payments?

    Anyone know any decent players I can pick up on loan without having to spend big money per month on them. Looking for players who can add quality to my villa side.
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    English Wonderkids XI?

    Just wondering if there's a English Wonderkids XI knocking about? 4231 is what I'm after, currently man city and want to try and make an all English side.
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    Scouting help...

    Whenever i'm scouting regens although they have 4 to 5 stars potential the scouts say "avoid signing too many doubts". When I view the report the main negatives tend to be the players being injury prone (a lot of the decent regens tend to be injury prone on my game). Any reason why the avoid...
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    Where are the old guard?

    Just wondering where some of the old guard are like Raikan, TheBetterHalf, JP and a few others? Not seen em around this year.
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    Difference between

    Promising young players and wonderkids... what's the difference? Also, if a players got potential 5 stars, should I follow my scouts advice of avoiding signing?
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    Villa & Benteke

    Been struggling to get the best out of Benteke and was wondering if it was worth selling him or keeping him around to see if he turns it around? If I did sell, any ideas who I could bring in? Also after a cheapish DM to rotate with Sanchez, Westwood doesn't seem to be cutting it.
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    Villa Tight Budget

    Right, finished the first season in 11th. I have a budget of 4.5 and I could do with a lwb, cover cb and an amc. Open to loans and would prefer not to revert to high payment plans cus of the clubs finance but small ones are good.
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    Cheap Players Needed for Prem!

    1st Season, using Villa on the latest update. Got a budget of 12 mil, so using monthly payments and loans are also options. Need a DM, a LB, a MC and a targetman ST to rotate with Benteke, preferably someone youngish, but not essential.
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    Aston Villa...HELP!

    Ok so I have no money, no wages, just asked for a wage increase to get a better Assistant in, which I have now done. I've loaned off Bent as nobody wanted to buy him and I wasn't prepared to sell him for a pittance. Currently put all my reserves up for sale and loan. Need some back up players...