Where are the old guard?


Nov 23, 2010
Just wondering where some of the old guard are like Raikan, TheBetterHalf, JP and a few others? Not seen em around this year.


Dec 5, 2011
RAIKAN actually has a "retirement thread" somewhere and I was PMing with The Better Half a lot until the very end of her FM Base "career" and I know real life concerns were making it very hard for her to continue doing what she was in here (which was a lot) and even to play FM.


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Dec 17, 2008
Things change, people change. It is the way of forums.

Raikan has bid us farewell a couple of times, but i think the most recent retirement will be permanent. JP i don't know terribly well, but i get the sense has less time to visit the forum. Not sure about TBH, she has been a fantastic staff member in recent years, particularly with regard to tactics. I think CMH9090 who became a staff member at the same time as me still pops in every now and again, but being conscripted to his national forces and university studies are probably taking priority.

Sean, Lee, Redders, Kris, JP, Gregor, even myself, we are essentially not really needed any more. There was a time certainly before, but even after i became a staff member when it was possible to view and read every post since my last visit, probably even reply if i wanted. We also had to generate so much content ourselves to keep the forum ticking over. Nowadays, the community is so large, so diverse, so full of great contributors that I find it impossible to view every post made since i last logged on (there are pages and pages of them) and we are no longer required to actively contribute to the site because of all the excellent people contributing tactics, graphics, stories (maybe not so much as very few live a long enough life) and general help with the game. We have newer mods doing the day to day discipline and general tidying up that comes with a forum which at any one time has thousands of people online, these guys do a great job with the odd bit of input from myself or one of the other senior staff.

Rest assured that many of us 'old guard' are still here keeping an eye on things in the background. We are your silent guardians, your watchful protectors, your Dark Knights.
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