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    Star striker value dropping ?

    I am Glasgow Rangers and my striker who is being targeted by Dortmund, Chelsea & Juventus had a value of 9 million and it's now decreased to 5 despite having 3 years left on his contract and being in top form including selected for Portuguese world cup squad. My league reputation and club...
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    Davide Astori found dead! RIP :(

    Fiorentina captain Davide Astori has died at the age of 31 | Football News | Sky Sports
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    Out with the Old & In with the Youth

    Out with the Old & In with the Youth. *After a failed season and uninterest to this years game, I have decided to use youth only and will play all my youth players and players aged 21 and younger only from the beginning, Any player at the club that is 21 and under just now can play until...
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    New Fm Story - decisions to be made.

    Ok so this year I have waited until Christmas to get FM18 and have finally started a save with my beloved Rangers, I don't deem this to be long term as I find it gets boring and easy quickly. I intend to start a story and have several idea's in mind of which team I should go so I am adding a...