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    Downloading a skin through steam?

    I've subscribed and downloaded a skin through steam but there's no option to add this on preferences.. Or am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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    Quick question

    I've downloaded the wonderkid shortlist through steam but I'm not sure how to access this with the new scouting system.. Can anyone help please?
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    Players missing?

    I've noticed the last few saves I've played William Carvalho is missing. He is still there in the editor, just not in game. Anyone have this issue and/or know how to fix it?
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    Instant Result Button

    Sorry if I'm being thick but could someone point me in the direction of this and inform me on how to install? Thanks
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    Best teams for regens?

    Are there any specific teams that produce the best regens? Also, is there a way of searching for the best regens that will just search through regens and not all players? Thanks
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    Can't Add New Manager

    Trying to add a manager in game but selecting the team is all greyed out so I can't choose who I do I fix this please?
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    British Wonderkids

    For my Fulham save I want to work towards having an all british team (if possible), & I wanted some opinions on the top players under 20 from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to sign Thanks TBB
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    Shortest seasons?

    Which divisions have the shortest seasons/amount of games, ideally in Europe?