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    Ongenda - Paris Saint-Germain

    Name: Hervin Ongenda Club: Paris Saint-Germain D.O.B: 28:3:1993 Nationality: French Position: ST / AM(C) Strengths: Determination Falir Acceleration Pace Technique Weaknesses: Teamwork Strength Heading Jumping Passing Personality: Fairly determined Suggested Roles: Poacher Got offered...
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    Complete Forward & Adv. playm AML for Ajax

    Hey guys I just finished my 1st season, won the Dutch Cup, the league with a 20 point lead and came 2nd in the CL. I'm looking for a Complete forward so I can rotate Kolbeinn Sightorsson. I currently play Siem de Jong there but he's my 'Jack of all trades'. I'm also looking for a AML Advanced...
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    Winger AMR for Ajax 1st season

    I'm looking for a wonderkid/talent AMR Winger for about 4 mil. I've looked at Markovic but he's not available until 2nd season. Joel Valencia looks good but he is very slow (10), though he is still 16 years old. Will his speed improve to 15+ with training focus on quickness? Any thoughts?
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    FM2012 STEAM Sale 60% Off

    Good news in a times of economic recession ! ;) For people like me who don't have the game yet. Go spend you hard earned allowance haha
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    Discussion -> Holland's dilemma: Van Persie AND Huntelaar?

    Heya chaps, As you all know the Dutch strikers Van Persie (RvP) and Huntelaar (KJH) are on fire this year. (6) This has restarted the discussion here in Holland whether or not you can and should play both players in the same team. Our coach Bert van Marwijk has been choosing RvP as his...
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    Cheap AMR Inside Forward for Ajax

    Hey guys I'm looking for an AMR if for about 5 mil. preferably <23 years old. I have Sulejmani but (as in real life) he's not that great and earns a **** load of cash. So I'm going to sell him. I already bought Nacer Barazite for AML and he's my new standard buy! In FM11 I always got Carcela...
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    Need advice for a narrow 4-2-3-1

    Hey guys,I recently replied to a post about a tactic for Ajax. Without really thinking I adviced him to try a narrow 4231 tactic with 3 AMC's. Because Ajax have more AMC's then wingers in their team I thought it could be worth a try.I was planning to create it myself but I don't know what the...
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    Emre Can - FC Bayern -19

    Name: Emre Can Club: Bayern Munich -19 D.O.B: 12/01/1994 Nationality: German/Turkish Position: Defensive midfielder, Midfielder (C) / D(C) Strengths: fitness flair positioning technique first touch jumping balance Weaknesses: marking work rate teamwork heading determination Description...