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Need advice for a narrow 4-2-3-1


Apr 15, 2011
Hey guys,I recently replied to a post about a tactic for Ajax. Without really thinking I adviced him to try a narrow 4231 tactic with 3 AMC's. Because Ajax have more AMC's then wingers in their team I thought it could be worth a try.I was planning to create it myself but I don't know what the most effective roles are for the 3 AMC's.

- Should I play the AMCL and AMCR as Attacking midfielders and the AMC as Trequartista?
- I suppose you should try for a lot of through&killer balls combined with short passes?
- Would I get a good result when I set the AMCL/R -> Hug touchline?

And what would be the most effective role for the striker in this formation? Poacher waiting for killer balls or a supporting striker as a launcher for the AMC's.

Any useful idea's?

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