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    fm 20.4.1(4-3-1-2)@[email protected]

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/q8uokri15ck416d/%2521%2521%2521FM_20.4.1_%25284-1-5%2529__ARSENAL_98.fmf/file there you go,this should be done straight away to avoid spaming this thread,just post your results later please
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    !!! FM20.4(4-2-1-2)@[email protected]

    I don't think it matters to be right or left-handed in football :LOL:;)
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    Chrissy Ross's 442 - Prem win with Bournemouth 1st season no transfers. [Deleted]

    This time Chrissy & Lisa's 4-4-2 holiday test with Everton-unlucky is an understatement
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    Chrissy Ross's 442 - Prem win with Bournemouth 1st season no transfers. [Deleted]

    Quick holiday test with Fiorentina,predicted 8th,I tested version Chrissy-Lisa 4-4-2.3
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    FM20 @[email protected]

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/r8j6pk5z6h6myf8/______fm_20.4.1_%284-3-1-2%[email protected]@_V-5.fmf/file
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    FM20 @[email protected]

    Aviator v5.I play with Manchester United,so I know what some of you might say,strong team,etc,etc.But I want to share with you how good Aviator is with Man Utd.First season won the league and Europa League,but in second season total domination.I know Haaland and Sancho are great and OP players...
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    FM20.4.1 (4-4-2)@[email protected] BULL.

    Well,what can I say-FANTASTIC!!!Finished season undefeated in the league,2 defeats in general,but one costed me CL knock out against Inter Milan,generally I really enjoyed this tactic.
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    fm20.4.1(4-2-3-1)@[email protected]

    The only way to find out is to start tests again asap.Personally,I'm having very good results with lisa's tactics
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    Reaving! 442 by TFF tweaked by RDF

    Surely from Merseyside;)
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    Guru's Reborn

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    I'll wait for version 69
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    Hi TFF,long time not seen you :ROFLMAO:;)
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    ZEUS by TFF

    Zeus v5 looks very promising :)