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    How Can I Generate A Son

    Playing Football Manager on regular mode. I am in the year 2022, so I should be able to generate a son? Is it just a patience game or what's the story
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    All time records

    Hi guys, probably the wrong way to do this, but I'm trying to find players all time appearance and goal scoring records. If you check history all I get is the league record, thanks for the help
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    FMBase Fantasy World Cup

    Hey guys I found this website where you create a fantasty World Cup team and play for points. I created my own league for FMBase The idea is that you pick one player from 11 of the 32 countries So you will end up with 11 players from 11 different countries The formation IS 4-3-3 So pick your...
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    Torres to Chelsea?

    Just read this here on yahoo news http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/05052010/58/premier-league-paper-round-torres-turn-blue.html
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    Make Your own Campaign Poster

    I found this amazing website that allows you to create your own campaign posters. You modify current posters and just take the **** out of David Cameron, enjoy http://www.andybarefoot.com/politics/cameron.php here's one I whipped up, lets see what you guys can do
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    Your team's, team of the season

    I want all you guys to deceide what your team's(Man United,Liverpool,etc..) team of the season has been. Im hoping it might spark up some debate GK- Van Der Dar RB- Neville CB-Vidic CB-Ferdinand LB-Evra CM- Fletcher CM- Scholes CM- Carrick AMR-Valencia AML- Giggs ST- Rooney Van...
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    Cheltenham Festival 2010

    Hey guys, as you already may know the Cheltenham Festival starts tommorrow. If any of yu guys are into horse racing I though this thread might be a good way of sharing tips and any opinions. I will be posting here for the next couple of days letting you guys no how I get on. And...
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    The 82nd Academy Awards(Results)

    Here are the winners(and loosers) of this years Academy Awards Please, feel free to voice your opinions Do you agree with the choices? *winners are listed in bold Best Picture The Hurt Locker Avatar The Blind Side District 9 An Education Inglorious Basterds Precious A...
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    Very attractive women

    Hey guys Just thought I might spark some debate Since we are all mostly males on this, I was wondering which female celebrity you find the most attractive? For me, its Kristen Stewart(from Twilight)
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    QPR- The Success Story

    This is a QPR story. My aim is to have European football within 3 years. As you all know money should not be an issue with QPR so basically I must just buy the right players and use the correct tactics and I should be fine. If you're wondering about the title, its latin. If roughly translates...
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    Manchester United- The Edge of Greatness

    This will be my first story on FM2010. I deceided to give Man United a go since I havent managed them since FM2008 and it would be interesting to manage them without Ronaldo or Tevez. Hopefully it will be an interesting read.
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    World Cup 2010

    I want all your thoughts on the upcomming World Cup in South Africa. Englands chances? Any dark horses? Or will we see all the favourates in or around the semi-finals! ---------- Post added at 07:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:49 PM ---------- i'll get the ball rolling. I really want...
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    Swine Flu

    As some of you may have noticed some of the new updates unclude the Swine Flu Virus. Ye may all laugh at this, but I must tell you that it is not funny. I just got over the flu myself, yep ladies and gentlemen...I had Swine Flu
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    Notts County the rise to glory

    After two very successful campaigns with Notts County,which saw Notts promoted from League Two as Campions, and League One as Playoff winners, Tommy Hayes and his men are about to embark on Championship football. Godspeed:)
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    Life without Sir Alex

    Even as a Man City fan, I would be stupid to say I dont respect Sir Alex, this man has built numerous squads at United, has 2 Champions Leagues and countless domestic trophies. Gentlemen, share your feeling...and also your opinions on the next man to take the helm.....Jose?:D