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    FM 2020, The death of the casual player?

    How did you manage the B team? In my save, they are completely useless because they are not a part of a championship...
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    PSA: Multiple Accounts (Includes apology from TFF)

    Banned or not, he knows how to make an account 😉😁😂. @RDF tactics I love your vision of life/justice.
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    ZEUS by TFF

    Hello TFF and thank you for the tatic, it work really good for me. I never understand opposite foot for ML/MR. I don't play a big team so, i can't afford to buy top player. Is it better to use a natural ML (very strong left/poor right) on his natural place (ML) or he will be better at MR even if...
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    Clubs who have a great youth academy

    Here is a top 140 list of best youth academy.
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    Knap's FM20 Tactics vol 3

    Are you sure this is the right post to speak about the tactic testing rules/methods?
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    Answered I didn't have my youth intake!

    Got them last day of march 👍😁
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    Answered I didn't have my youth intake!

    Got the same for 2023 and still don't see them for 2025
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    Players Not Showing For Selection

    If you right clic on him, could you change his squad? I had the same problem last year and solve it like that.
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    Request Your Kits Here!

    Hello, could you make a Kit for the team i play for the moment. Team: F.C. Andorra Kit Manufacturer: Luanvi Sponsor: Morabanc Colours: Home => front = Andorra national flag, white on the back Away => Black and Blue horizontal Line (seems whithe in the back too) Extras/Notes...
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    19/20 Kits Thread - Requests Allowed

    Hello, i play FC Andorra and Andorra as country. Could you make a kit for these two teams? Here is a screen for FC Andorra => And for the national Team => Home 1 Home 2 => Away1 Away 2
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    FM20: Who Should I Manage?

    Hello, This year, I will play F.C.Andorra in "Segunda Division B de Espana Grupo III" (3rd spanish league) and Andorra as national team. Hardly focus on youth facilities but not a lifeban. I will activate Andorra League (Timo custom DB) to get more regen for the national team.