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    Ryan Gravenberch

    Hey guys, I've just signed Ryan Gravenberch from Ajax in January first season for Chelsea, £3.5mil plus add ons. I can't seem to find anything about him on the forum so was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with him? Cheers! Sent from my JSN-L21 using Tapatalk
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    Bath players 1st season

    Hi guys, I'm starting a new career with Bath as I really enjoyed it on Fm12. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for the BSS? Cheers in advance :D
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    Ajax - 6th Season

    Hi everyone, I'm currently at the star of my 6th season at Ajax, having won the CL 3 times in a row now. I'm hoping you can tell me where my squad needs more strength or more depth. I've got 128Mil to spend, thanks in advance!
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    Ajax - First Season Signings?

    Hi, Just about to start a game with Ajax, try and get them back to European glory, can anyone recommend any signings? Thinking of playing a 4-2-3-1. Cheers for the advice :)