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Recent content by umzk76

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    random sacking?

    i just got sacked from man city after i finished my second game in my third season... it was random and i havent got a reason! ive won the premier league twice and i have won the league cup twice, FA cup once and the european cup once and the community shield one... i had a good financial...
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    quickest way to gain eu citizenship

    i have a couple of regens who dont have WP's and i was wondering where should i send them to gain a wp, wheres the fastest country to gain eu citizenship? just saw bulgaria takes 3 years!
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    Arsenal sign Ryo Miyaichi

    Arsenal have just signed a youth who i see as a future star! this guys from japan and recently has signed for arsenal, his dribbling is amazing, finishing is average can improve and crossing brilliant! heres a little article about him...
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    Best moment in black ops

    This is probably the most memorable, awesomist, baddest, epiccest (if thats a word lol) moment in black ops, or even the whole of call of duty series itself! *WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS* YouTube - My name is victor reznov and i will have my revenge! lool what do you rate it to be?
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    Umzk786 Attacking tactic (4-1-3-1-1)

    Hey wassup guys ive been playing football manager 2011 (full) now for ages and i think ive made a really good tactic, so i thought i would share it with you guys :) im unbeaten in 9 games so far with my latest result beating liverpool 2 - 0! ive scored 22 goals this season conceding 4 only :)...
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    Dream team!

    Hey whats your dream team? name your dream 11 and what tactic you would like to use :D if you want give it a name :D