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Recent content by Vami

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    Bright and Breezy Final

    Vami uploaded Bright and Breezy Final Leave feedback below.
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    Bright and Breezy Final

    Hey guys. So I've been active on the scene since 1999. Recently predominantly on one of the Polish discord servers. Anyway, I can announce that finally I have found the holy grail of FM 2022 tactics. After dozens of seasons of testing and tweaking - here it is. Bright and Breezy Final. As you...
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    Rizetaka 2029 21.4.0

    INTRO Zdenek Zeman has always been one of my greatest coaching heroes. This is, by no means, a Zemanlandia, but there are definitely Zemanian hints as his thought is part of my tactical DNA. Just like the mighty Czech, I am in favor of a 4-3-3 formation, which covers the pitch best. Zeman...
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    Rizetaka 2029

    Vami uploaded Rizetaka 2029 Leave feedback below.
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    Geometry 2021 Version 4 Short 21.1.3

    So, it's a 4-3-3 tactic inspired by my Geometry from FM 2020 which led my Espanyol to multiple successes. I tweaked it a bit for FM 2021's sake. The formation is 4-3-3 DM (previously known as 4-1-2-2-1 DM). It uses overloads on wings, so great wing backs and wingers plus a mezzala are...
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    Geometry 2021 Version 4 Short

    Vami uploaded Geometry 2021 Version 4 Short Leave feedback below.