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Hey guys,

So this is my final FM 2022 tactics for the final patch. I have just finished my save with Leverkusen, absolutely dominating Germany and finally winning the UEFA Champions League against PSG 2:0 in the final. This is the fourth Champions League-winning save for me and fourth tactic, however the first that really exploits the changes in the Match Engine that happened in the winter patch.

Before the winter patch, the meta was to play IWB IWB BPD BPD defence line and provide width higher up front with wingers, but after the patch was released, in fact a much better solution became to provide width from your lightning-fast wing backs playing on DR and DL positions and then exploit space by stretching the play and have a lot of other players running into the penalty box.

Of course standard meta tactics still apply: relentless pressing and extreme tempo, counter-press and counter.

Key player profiles for this tactic:

Goalkeeper - a solid shot-stopper, you don't really need an advanced Sweeper Keeper, but if you do, Maarten Vandevoordt will do. I sold him to Barcelona and kept my Egyptian wonderkid.

DR and DL - by far THE MOST important people in your team. They have to be Usain Bolt-like fast. This is absolutely crucial. Acceleration / pace of 17+ or even higher. Then comes crossing, dribbling and off the ball. Those players will effecitvely be your wingers and provide most assists by low crosses or diagonal passes.

DCs - as we play from the back, they should be quite technically gifted, but of course the main thing is they have to win headers and be strong and fast

Side MCs - as they play on CM Attack, they need to be lightning fast as well, also good passing, vision, flair, technique, first touch - but again - SPEED is the most important attribute

MCd - this is your pivot - but apart from being one - he has a PI of "take more risks" enabled, so think of your Rovella, Barella or Bellingham here. Although I played Belli on the attacking role.

SS - in the first iteration it was an AM on Attack, but as a SS the impact up front is much better. Luka Romero scored 27 goals from that position. Here they have to be not only fast, but also have great dribbling, vision, flair, off the ball, passing, etc.

AF - think of Haaland or Sesko in their prime - that's your perfect match: very fast, very athletic, with amazing off the ball, anticipation, composure and finishing. Also good dribbling and/or good heading skills will not hurt. Youssoufa Moukoko won the Ballon d'Or for me here, even though he's not prolific in the air.

So - here it is - the Wunderwaffe Final. Enjoy and win trophies. This is the ultimate FM 22 Winter Patch tactic.
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