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    Fifa 433 Enganche 21.3.0

    Hi so i created this one for the purpose of making Danny Ings very strong its main principle is to create for the two inside forwards who sit narrow and wingbacks who sit narrow too but the tactic is ultra wide. Since i implemented it i have 18 unbeaten and 1 negative touches to goal ratio so...
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    Fifa 433 Enganche

    vladpony uploaded Fifa 433 Enganche Leave feedback below.
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    Hansi Flicks Bayern 4231

    the main philosophy is not so different from Jupp Heynckess treble winning with Bayern but then the roles are different he played with two anchors this looks like more attacking and higher tempo , nice. I liked how Bayern play they look like they have two lungs each player its unreal how much...
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    Conte Juventus Pirlo Vidal Pogba 352

    yeah its true about Lautaro but then i made this tac. to copy Juventus era :D when he was 42 matches unbeaten or who knows mby more i dont remember correctly. Tevez played False nine and vucinic too, mby deployed as deep lying forward but tevez was f9
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    Conte Juventus Pirlo Vidal Pogba 352 21.3.0

    Hi guys so i decided to create a Conte tactic and its working fine im exactly at the half of first season with Arsenal and i didnt lost a single game , i went down to Liverpool on penalties in Carabao but that dont count since there wasnt even extra time.... When u are winning keep at balanced...
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    Conte Juventus Pirlo Vidal Pogba 352

    vladpony uploaded Conte Juventus Pirlo Vidal Pogba 352 Leave feedback below.
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    Mourinho Real Madrid recreation v2 remake 21.2.2

    Hi guys so i decided to completely rework the previous version because it was giving solid results but the play wasnt as it was intended from Mourinho Madrid. So i tweaked some things like quickness of play and width to be precies to more accuratelly reflect Mou style of that era Sorry for the...
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    Mourinho Real Madrid recreation v2 remake

    vladpony uploaded Mourinho Real Madrid recreation v2 remake Leave feedback below.
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    Mourinhos Real Madrid 21.2.2

    Hello guys so i made a promise to one guy to make a new Real Madrid tactic for latest version of football manager and i ended with the Mourinho era one where he achieved record number of points in La Liga. Enjoy, also i want to say i dont give OI often but sometimes there is need to tackle...
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    Mourinhos Real Madrid

    vladpony uploaded Mourinhos Real Madrid Leave feedback below.
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    FM Beta Man City tactic Guardiola recreation

    I dont play much new fm only old ones...But i can finish the season and post some screens if you want. As i said the only thing i would mby change is the right AP-support change him to AP-Attack with same instructions so he is more like De Bruyne or Bernardo when he plays deep MC - AP role
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    Steam Workshop FM Beta Man City tactic Guardiola recreation Fm 21 Beta

    Hi so decided to recreate this years version of Mancity for new FM check screenshot... The one thing tbh im not super sure if its that way or another way is the AP-s on the right side of midfield he can be AP-att and instructions can be Positive mentality when you want to keep score instead of...
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    FM Beta Man City tactic Guardiola recreation

    vladpony uploaded FM Beta Man City tactic Guardiola recreation Leave feedback below.
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    Direct passing.

    i think Klopp plays short passes but high tempo and more players cross more often but i can be wrong. Also some players have trait switch ball to other flank mainly his fullbacks and playmaker has cross more often
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    3-5-2 is the best formation in this game (for all teams)

    I use every tempo b7t lately i play with it like i give the slowest or very slow tempo like you some clicks to right and then modify time wasting because it is direct to tempo it does speed up your attacks if you are using less time wasting. If you use more the attacks are slower so if you want...