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Recent content by VuleCFC

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    Fernadno Torres in Chelsea for lowest price

    Hi guys, VuleCFC is speaking, and I want to know for how much money I need to spend for Fernando Torres to come to my Chelsea! Tell me all what you know about him and his value in FM2011! Did you tested him?How was he?What you think about him? And also what you think about him in reality...
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    Jose Mourinhos tactic at CHELSEA

    Hi people, Let me know about Mourinhos tactic as he was in Chelsea! Tell me about player instructions and all you know about 4-3-3 in CHELSEA! Cheers! Also follow me on my website or,Youtube channel- VuleCFC(H)
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    Drogba what role is best for him

    Hi everyone, this is VuleCFC speaking, and I want to know what individual role is the best for Didier Drogba?! Example, Poacher,Target Man(support or attack),Advanced Forward or similar for him! I am starting my season with the best club in the world CHELSEA! You can follow me on my Youtube...
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    David Luiz in Chelsea

    Hi people, I want to buy David Luiz recent linking of Chelsea FC! Is it any good! I know that 9 million pounds will be enough because I had tested before. Tell me did you used him and how good was he!(H)
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    Chelsea 2010-11 Carlo Ancelotti tactic

    Hi guys, this is VuleCFC speaking, and I want to make sure about Chelsea tactics! If anybody know about their tactic please let me know! Also it doesnt matter if you know about Carlo Ancelottis tactics and his 4-4-2 diamond and 4-3-2-1! Just fell free to tell me how its going on! Thanks8-|